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Oldenburg 2022

Oldenburg 2022: ‘The Black Guelph’ Wins Best Film

The Black Guelph, a powerful, if bleak, look at the plight of the Irish Travellers, Ireland’s indigenous ethnic population, and the legacy of generations of neglect and abuse by the Irish state and Catholic Church, has won the German Independence Award for best film at the 2022 Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany’s leading indie film […]

‘Murmur’ Review: An Unscary Horror Film for TikTok Attention Spans

Mark Polish directs an augmented-reality slasher pic for the influencer generation.

Why Somtow Sucharitkul Brought the ‘Tar’ Thai Orchestra Back to Oldenburg

Last year, it was just a lark. For its 2021 event, Oldenburg Film Festival invited Somtow Sucharitkul, one of Thailand’s most acclaimed classical composers and conductors, to the world premiere of The Maestro, a Thai horror film starring Somtow as a murderous conductor. “Some would call it typecasting,” jokes Somtow, who also wrote the film’s […]

Oldenburg: John Connors on How Making ‘The Black Guelph’ Saved His Life

Irish Travellers, Ireland’s indigenous ethnic population, are rarely shown in movies. When they are — think Brad Pitt as the incomprehensible bare-knuckled boxer in Guy Ritchie’s Snatch (2000) — the depiction, says Travellers filmmaker John Connors, is “superficial and patronizing… fucking terrible and insulting to be honest.” At the same time, the Travellers community remains […]

5 Oldenburg Film Festival Discoveries

For almost 30 years, the Oldenburg Film Festival has been championing a very specific flavor of fiercely independent cinema. Equally inspired by the New Hollywood genre films of the 1970s and the bootstraps indie cinema of the 1990s, Oldenburg has carved out a niche unlike any of the major international festivals. Instead of playing the […]

‘The Black Guelph’ Review: A Bleakly Compelling Irish Drama of Abuse and Repercussions

Childhood trauma casts a long shadow in John Connors' drama, premiering at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

‘The City’ Review: A Stylish But Empty Tokyo Noir

Japanese ad director Katsuki Kuroyanagi offers a microbudget debut set in the Tokyo underworld, premiering at the Oldenburg Film Festival.

AFM: Father-Son Filmmakers Peter and John Hyams on Their Shared Desire to ‘Blow S*** Up’

If the American Film Market were looking for a motto to hang over the Lowes Hotel in Santa Monica for this year’s event, they could do worse than use the mantra of veteran genre director Peter Hyams. “It was something me and my camera operator, Steve Campanelli had: each morning before we went to shoot: […]

Oldenburg Festival Primer: 5 Can’t-Miss Movies

As the Oldenburg Film Festival kicks off its 29th year, Germany’s leading indie film fest still prides itself on its ability to discover overlooked gems that fit in the Oldenburg sweet spot between arthouse and genre cinema. For the 2022 event, The Hollywood Reporter has picked out five Oldenburg world premieres that look likely to […]

Oldenburg Festival Unveils Lineup, Opening Night Film

The Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany’s leading fest for independent cinema, has announced its 2022 lineup. The 29th Oldenburg Festival will kick off Sept. 14 with The Ordinaries, the first feature from German director Sophie Linnenbaum. The meta tragicomedy stars Fine Sendel as Paula, a simple Supporting Character in a repressive three class-society where there are […]