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Paul Dano

Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Fablemans’ to Launch in New York and L.A. Theaters Early

Steven Spielberg’s next film, The Fablemans, is switching up its release plans. The film will now open Nov. 11 in New York City and Los Angeles during a limited run before expanding nationwide on its previously announced date of Nov. 23, 2022, the eve of the long Thanksgiving weekend, Universal and Amblin Partners announced Monday. […]

‘The Batman’ Sequel Set With Robert Pattinson and Director Matt Reeves

The Batman — returns. Warner Bros. and DC announced Tuesday night at CinemaCon that The Batman is officially getting a sequel. “Matt took one of our most iconic and beloved superheroes and delivered a fresh vision,” Warner Bros. movie chief Toby Emmerich said during the studio’s highly anticipated slate presentation. “Matt Reeves, Rob Pattinson and […]

‘The Batman’ Fan Video Meticulously Edits Adam West and TV Series Villains Into Latest Film

Holy crafty project, Batman! A recent video created by YouTube’s Corridor channel meticulously and delightfully overlays footage from the iconic 1960s Batman series into The Batman film trailer. The video is only 90 seconds long — but is so much fun that it feels longer. Along with Adam West’s Batman, Burt Ward’s Robin makes an […]

‘The Batman’ Star Paul Dano Says Saran Wrap Doesn’t Want to Be Associated With Riddler’s Costume

It seems S. C. Johnson & Son is not pleased when its Saran wrap brand is name-dropped in reference to the Riddler’s costume in The Batman. In Matt Reeves’ film, Riddler wraps his head in the material as a part of his costume. Actor Paul Dano, who plays the latest iteration of the iconic DC […]

‘The Batman’ Star Andy Serkis Sheds Light on Alfred’s Backstory and Reveals His Contributions to Classic Character

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Batman.]  Andy Serkis is aware The Batman is already generating some Oscar buzz — and he finds it wholly appropriate. The BAFTA award-winning actor appears in Matt Reeves’ dark, stylish detective story as Alfred Pennyworth, caretaker (of sorts) to Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. And just like the rest […]

Box Office: ‘The Batman’ Soars to Bedazzling $134M Opening

The Caped Crusader is back. The Batman — starring Robert Pattinson in his first turn as the brooding crime fighter — flew to a huge $134 million in its domestic box office debut to secure the second-best opening of the pandemic era behind 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. It’s also director Matt Reeves’ biggest opening […]

Why ‘The Batman’s’ Allusion to the Zodiac Killer Is Equal Parts Brilliant and Terrifying

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Batman.] He is arguably the most frightening version of a Batman villain to appear on the big screen to date. Paul Dano’s Riddler in The Batman is sure to make viewers’ skin crawl, and there is an excellent — albeit terrifying — reason: the character borrows from one […]

Paul Dano on His Terrifying Batman Villain and Why He’s No Longer Scared of Going Hollywood

In pursuit of his art, Paul Dano wrapped his head in Saran wrap last year. This was not, it turned out, the healthiest idea. Dano was meticulously crafting his character for The Batman, the Riddler, envisioned by director Matt Reeves as a buttoned-down accountant by day, madman genius by night. The actor had carefully helped […]

Robert Pattinson in ‘The Batman’: Film Review

The Caped Crusader is back on Gotham City’s crime-infested streets, exposing corruption at the highest levels in Matt Reeves’ reboot, also featuring Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano and Colin Farrell.

Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Runs Nearly 3 Hours With Credits

Buckle up. Matt Reeves’ new The Batman movie runs two hours and 55 minutes. The hefty running time includes about eight minutes of credits, insiders at Warner Bros. confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday. As such, it’s the longest running time of any solo Batman pic and one of the longest for a theatrical […]

Critic’s Picks: A November To-Do List for Film Buffs in L.A.

November options for SoCal cinephiles include a weekend of movies by 'Parasite' director Bong Joon-ho, screenings of films by Ozu, Renoir and Malle and a series devoted to 'American Factory' director Julia Reichert.

‘The Batman’ Casts Paul Dano as The Riddler

Matt Reeves is directing Robert Pattinson in 'The Batman,' which has added Paul Dano as The Riddler.