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Bob Barker Blasts Foster Farms, Humane Association for Animal Cruelty

"I assumed [they were] protecting these creatures," says the 'Price is Right' host of the animal welfare group. "I even had them in my will."

Beagle Wins Westminster Dog Show

Miss P is a grand-niece of Uno — in 2008, the immensely popular hound barked and bayed his way to becoming the only previous beagle to win at the nation's most prominent dog show.

Patty Hearst’s Shih Tzu Wins Toy Category at Westminster Dog Show

"I guess people somehow imagine you don't evolve in your life. I have grown daughters and granddaughters and other things that normal people have."

L.A.’s Top Dog Parks and Horse Havens

From Hidden Valley and the Palisades to Lake Hollywood and Palos Verdes, these puppy runs and equestrian centers let your beast run free (unless a leash is required).

How to Coyote-Proof Your Dog

As stars like Jessica Simpson and Sylvester Stallone can attest, coyotes pose a real threat to pets in L.A. THR spoke to animal experts on how to protect your pooch.

Hollywood’s Top Dog Trainers Dish on the Best Barking Remedies

Sound, scent and vibration-activating collars are all methods to curb excessive barking, dog experts advise.

Meet 3 of L.A.’s Pet-Friendliest Offices (Photos)

These industry offices have plenty of perks for pooches, from doggy calendars to daily visits from dog walkers.

Hollywood Animal Lovers Pose With Their Adorable Adopted Pets

"Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn and Jada Pinkett Smith are among the famous faces to show off their best (furry) friends.

Pink Fur, Mohawks and Organic Manis: The Secrets of Hollywood’s Hottest Pets

It's not enough to just wag one's tail anymore as dogs work it with everything from pink fur, mohawks, organic nail polish and in one case, yep, a haircut to give the appearance of breasts, hips and a waist.

Crystal Hefner Leads a Tour of the Playboy Mansion’s Zoo (Video)

Mrs. Hugh Hefner offers THR a guided tour around, and inside, the animal enclosures in the backyard of one of the most famous estates in the world, which is one of the few private residences in America with a zoo license.

‘Man Playing God Will Bite Him On the Ass’: A Conversation With the Writers of ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa on how they used primates to find the essence of humanity.

The 7-Figure Scowl: How Grumpy Cat Is Building a Media Empire

As her owner quits her job at Red Lobster to focus on the feline full-time, one thing's for sure: Cat videos aren't just for the Internet anymore.