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Dolly Parton Among Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy Winners

Country superstar Dolly Parton, who made a big donation to help fund coronavirus vaccine research in 2020, is among this year’s Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy recipients. Also being honored are Dallas entrepreneur Lyda Hill, Kenyan industrialist Manu Chandaria, and Lynn and Stacy Schusterman, from the Oklahoma investment family. The award, presented by the international family […]

How Hollywood Is Still Helping Ukraine

In late February, when Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, Hollywood was quick to respond in helping the embattled country. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher launched a GoFundMe for humanitarian aid efforts that raised $30 million in two weeks, including $3 million of their own contribution; Hayden Panettiere established Hoplon International to raise critical funding […]

Bethenny Frankel on “The Big Missing Link” in Hollywood Philanthropy

Bethenny Frankel has quickly become a leading voice in philanthropy, with her BStrong initiative having provided emergency aid amid hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, COVID-19, the Surfside Condo collapse, Astroworld Festival tragedy and currently, supporting Ukraine. When looking at the current state of Hollywood giving, though, she has some notes, starting with the more hands-off approach many […]

Guest Column: Feeding America CEO Calls on Hollywood to Make Donations Without Strings Attached

When I started at Feeding America in October 2018, I was honored and humbled to join an organization with which I had been familiar since I was a little girl. I came to the table with my own experiences, including my years at Walmart, and I recognized that the people we serve needed to be […]

Guest Column: How NBCUniversal Is Making Purpose a Work Perk

As corporate America continues to migrate back to the office following an unimaginable two-year-plus stint at home, many companies are now hyper-focused on how to keep employees engaged. Corporate citizenship has long been an important area of business, but we are at a pivotal moment where people are reevaluating their path in life and their […]

Colin Kaepernick on Joining Forces With EIF for His Social Justice Program

When Colin Kaepernick’s charity, Know Your Rights Camp, began to grow quickly, he partnered with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, an organization many athletes and entertainers have come to rely on to help run their philanthropies. Upon EIF’s 80th anniversary, the former NFL quarterback spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about that partnership, and the event that […]

‘Atypical’ Actress Tal Anderson on Partnering With EIF for Delivering Jobs Campaign to Employ Neurodivergent People

In 2020, the Entertainment Industry Foundation launched Delivering Jobs, a campaign to create employment opportunities for people with autism, intellectual and/or developmental differences. Upon EIF’s 80th anniversary, actress and filmmaker Tal Anderson, who has autism, spoke to THR about the initiative. What motivated you to get involved with Delivering Jobs? I was originally asked as […]

Why George Clooney, Charlize Theron and Colin Kaepernick Turn to the Entertainment Industry Foundation for Their Charity Work

Colin Kaepernick. Cher. George Clooney. Charlize Theron. Sherry Lansing. Dwyane Wade. Barbara Broccoli. Jennifer Hudson. This may seem like a disparate group of powerful people in the fields of entertainment and sports. But what they have in common is a deep sense of philanthropic commitment — a desire to do something beyond a photo op […]

Keanu Reeves and Partner Alexandra Grant Want to Make NFTs — and the Metaverse Itself — More Inclusive

What does art look like in an intangible digital space? Alexandra Grant, along with her partner, Keanu Reeves, is determined to help her fellow artists answer that question. The two are advisers for The Futureverse Foundation, a new charitable initiative designed to encourage artists to participate in the internet’s next frontier by creating work to […]

THR’s Philanthropist of the Year Reed Hastings on Why “It’s Much Easier to Disrupt Entertainment Than Public Education”

Early on in Reed Hastings’ tenure as a board member of the KIPP Foundation, which runs a nationwide network of charter schools designed to help underserved communities thrive, they were faced with a key challenge. In 2011, they received statistics on the college completion rates of their students, and while they were comparable to the […]

From Manufacturing Diapers to Celebrity Bake Sales: How Three Nonprofits Pivoted During the Pandemic

BABY2BABY The nonprofit brought in its highest-ever fundraising total, $8.5 million, at its annual gala Nov. 13, attended by names including Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington, Kate Hudson, Nicole Richie and Mindy Kaling. Every year, Baby2Baby provides essential items for families and children across the U.S., including to kids in homeless shelters, foster care […]

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Celebrity Foundation

When celebrities are considering starting their own nonprofits — as such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé have done — a myriad considerations come into play in determining whether it’s the best and most effective investment of an artist’s energy and money. Celebrity nonprofits have landed their founders in hot water; in 2010, […]