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Google to Pay French Publishers for Online Content

The internet giant Google has reached a deal to pay French publishers for use of their stories on online platforms.

Online Piracy Spikes Amid Coronavirus Lockdown: Study

Online piracy has spiked amid the coronavirus lockdown. New data from digital piracy analysts Muso shows traffic on piracy sites jumped more than 40 percent following stay-at-home orders in the U.S. and U.K.

What New EU Copyright Law Will Mean for Media, Tech Companies and Users

On Sept. 12, the European Parliament approved a major overhaul of copyright law that, if its supporters are believed, will update copyright for the digital age and force online giants like Google and Facebook to share revenues with content creators. Or, according to the critics of the European Union Copyright Directive, it will destroy the internet as users know it, blocking free speech, stifling competition and reinforcing the entrenched power of media conglomerates. The reality, as always, is somewhere in the middle.

German Supreme Court Asks Europe for Guidance in YouTube Copyright Ruling

The YouTube case, involving illegally uploaded songs, centers on whether users or internet platforms should be held liable for copyright infringement.

European Parliament Approves Controversial New Copyright Laws

Critics warn the new copyright directive could stifle free speech and destroy user-generated content online.

European Union Copyright Vote Too Close to Call

The European Parliament on Wednesday will vote on wide-ranging legislation that would overhaul copyright law across the European Union.

Venice: Directors, Screenwriters Call for EU to Back New Copyright Law

Pawel Pawlikowski, Lone Scherfig, Laszlo Nemes and Agnieszka Holland are among the 165 filmmakers who signed the "Venice Declaration" at the 2018 Venice Film Festival, calling on the European Parliament to pass a controversial overhaul of EU copyright law.

European Parliament Rejects Controversial Copyright Law

The Copyright Directive will force online platforms to share revenues with copyright holders, but critics say it will clamp down on free speech and cripple innovation.

Paul McCartney, James Blunt Back New European Copyright Law

The European Parliament votes Thursday on the law that would force platforms like Google and Facebook to introduce upload filters to block copyright-protected content from being illegally posted online.

Europe Calls for More Action to Fight Illegal Content Online

Guidelines issued by the European Commission say platforms need to “redouble their efforts” to take illegal content off the web more quickly.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Pirated Streams Reach Nearly 3 Million Viewers

Illegal streams of the anticipated event were advertised on e-commerce sites including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba, according to digital security company Irdeto.

STTN Sues Over Piracy of Owen Wilson-Starrer ‘She’s Funny That Way’

The legal action, regarding the Peter Bogdanovich film, is the start of a planned international anti-piracy campaign.