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Pride Issue

The 6 Most Anticipated LGBTQ Movies and TV Shows of 2022

Be on the lookout for Harry Styles as a closeted cop in 'My Policeman,' Billy Eichner in the raunchy rom-com 'Bros' and an adaption of Tegan and Sara’s memoir 'High School.'

Alexandra Billings on Responding to Anti-Trans Comedy and Politics: “Our Celebration of Who We Are Is the Best Revenge”

I watched the Dave Chappelle special — by accident. I don’t think he’s the funniest person in the world, but I do think he had, at one point, some really interesting political points to make through his comedy. I watched it completely unaware of how far he would go. I haven’t watched the Ricky Gervais special. […]

Margaret Cho Calls Expected Reversal of Roe v. Wade and Threats to Gay Marriage “Disgusting”

I have been going to Gay Pride since 1978, so I have seen a lot! Pride has become much bigger and more elaborate. There is a lot more engagement with intersectionality, which I really appreciate, and a lot more focus on diversity within the community. There is a lot more joy around everything, which is amazing. […]

Los Angeles Now Has Two Big Competing Pride Events, LA Pride and WeHo Pride, and People Are Confused

From 1979 to 2019, West Hollywood served as the official center for Los Angeles’ Pride events, hosting its annual parade and festival while local bars overflowed with celebrants. After a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus, this year’s LA Pride will break away from that tradition, moving to Hollywood Boulevard, where the world’s first permitted gay parade took […]

‘Queer Eye’ Host Karamo Brown Calls on Straight Supporters to Speak Up Against Anti-Gay Laws, Queer Community to Unify

I always like to use Pride as a time to reflect on our community because it’s easy for us to present a narrative to those on the outside that everything is great — but we’re often not tending to our own issues at home. We have homophobia, racism and transphobia right within our very own community. […]

Wanda Sykes Speaks Her Mind: “I’m Not Beholden to the Purse Strings”

Wanda Sykes has every right to feel conflicted. She’s frustrated about a lot of what she sees on the news and in her industry, but, at 58, one could argue she’s never been in higher demand. The veteran stand-up, who made her name writing on The Chris Rock Show during the late ’90s, recently returned […]

‘Queer as Folk’ Folks: Four Creators on 23 Years of Three Groundbreaking Shows

When Russell T Davies’ Queer as Folk arrived in the U.K. in 1999, the series marked a turning point for the depiction of gay life on TV as the drama about a group of friends became the first to focus exclusively on the LGBTQ community. Two years later, Showtime followed in the U.S. when Ron […]

‘Queer as Folk’ Star Jesse James Keitel on Playing a One-Time Party Girl Navigating Adulthood

In Peacock’s new Queer as Folk, Jesse James Keitel stars as Ruthie, a trans woman and onetime party girl trying — and sometimes failing — to mature. The 28-year-old actress (a queer trans woman) made history in 2020 when she won the role of private investigator and aspiring singer Jerrie Kennedy on ABC’s Big Sky, […]

2021’s Most Anticipated LGBTQ Films, TV Shows and Books

MOVIES EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE Amazon releases the musical drama, based on the stage show of the same name about a teenage boy (played by Max Harwood) who dreams of being a drag queen, Sept. 17. “I recently saw a trailer for Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, and it looks so raw and beautiful. I’m definitely […]

Why It’s Time for All Awards Shows to Ditch the Binary Acting Categories (Guest Column)

Best actress. Best actor. These are the labels generations of starry-eyed performers have dreamed of claiming. But what if neither of those is actually capable of describing who you really are? What if both cause an uncomfortable twinge in your stomach, because they neglect to consider the full scope of who an artist can be? […]

Amid Scarce Representation, ‘Rutherford Falls’ Co-Creator Reveals the Characters She Connected With (Guest Column)

I am the showrunner of Rutherford Falls, a new comedy on Peacock. According to TV critics and my mom, the show is a game-changer for Native American representation. While doing press, I was often asked, “Do you remember ever seeing yourself represented onscreen?” For a Native woman, this is a toughie. I knew I couldn’t blurt […]

‘Younger’ Actress Molly Bernard: “Playing a Pansexual Character Changed My Life” (Guest Column)

I thought for a time that I was bisexual. But I think I am likely pan and I think I only understand that because I embodied a pansexual person on Younger for more than half a decade. I feel so lucky to have played a groundbreaking character — one of the first pansexual characters on television. […]