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Producer Roundtable

’22 July’: Paul Greengrass on the Reaction From Real Norway Massacre Victims

Paul Greengrass, writer, producer and director of Netflix's '22 July,' knew the importance of speaking with the real people involved in the 2011 Norway terrorists' attacks that took the lives of 77.

‘A Star Is Born’ Producer on Why Beyonce, Clint Eastwood Remake Never Happened

'A Star Is Born' producer Bill Gerber tells The Hollywood Reporter why the Beyonce and Clint Eastwood version of the film never happened

‘Black Panther’ Producer Kevin Feige Says “Importance of Representation Can’t Be Understated”

Black Panther "represents real hopes, and real dreams, and real representation," Feige told the Producer Roundtable.

“I’m Not Going to Get You a Bear Playing a Tambourine”: The Producer Roundtable

'Black Panther,' 'A Star Is Born,' 'Crazy Rich Asians' producers reveal new challenges of guiding great films, from streamer vs. studio to social media spoilers.

Amy Pascal Talks Taking Risks: “You Know Immediately if It’s a Movie” | Producer Roundtable

"When people get something good and they get something different, I am a believer that they're going to go. I believe it. I do. I always have."

Ridley Scott Talks Harrison Ford in ‘Blade Runner’ and Directing ‘All the Money in the World’ | Producer Roundtable

The legendary director also revealed the three most memorable scripts he has come across in his career.

Judd Apatow Hopes ‘The Big Sick’ Makes People More “Compassionate” About Immigrants | Producer Roundtable

'The Big Sick' producer told THR he believes that shows like 'The Daily Show' and 'South Park' are teaching a new generation of people to look at the world differently.

Jason Blum on ‘Get Out’s’ Ending, Working With Jordan Peele | Producer Roundtable

The 'Get Out' producer said Peele described his idea for the film as "a black man's nightmare in America."

Seth Rogen Talks James Franco’s Personal Connection to Tommy Wiseau and ‘The Room’ | Producer Roundtable

The actor-producer discusses 'The Disaster Artist,' how Franco stayed in character and the balancing act of directing, acting and producing.