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Parents Television Council Blasts ABC’s Biblical Drama ‘Of Kings and Prophets’

"Why wouldn't ABC and the show's producers want to reach the largest audience possible by making a series based on the Bible able to be viewed by families?" PTC president Tim Winter said.

PTC Blasts ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ as “Most Vile” Content Ever

The conservative watchdog group also takes issue with Fox's 'Scream Queens.'

Parents Television Council Blasts USA Network for “Graphic” ‘Mr Robot’ Finale

"It is inexcusable," PTC president Tim Winter says of the network's decision to show a character committing suicide on TV during National Suicide Prevention Month.

Parents Television Council Urges Sponsors to Reconsider Advertising During VMAs (Exclusive)

The family-values watchdog group has already taken issue with MTV's choice of Miley Cyrus as host, recalling her racy 2013 performance with Robin Thicke.

Parents Group Calls LeBron James’ Penis Flash “Much Ado About Nothing”

The Parents Television Council says it won't be encouraging people to file complaints about the brief footage in which the Cleveland Cavaliers star appeared to reveal his penis on live television.

‘Family Guy’ Rape Episode: Parents Television Council Calls for FCC Complaints (Exclusive)

"Joking about child rape on TV shows and using such patently offensive sexual dialogue is a gross violation of a broadcast licensee's public-interest obligation," said PTC president Tim Winter.

‘Sex Box’ Prompts Parents Group to Demand WE tv Punishment

The Parents Television Council wants the basic cable network removed from subscription bundles over its racy new show.

Parents Television Council Slams Hollywood Critics of ‘American Sniper’ for “Callous Hypocrisy”

"Nobody within Hollywood was worried about what the impact of a character like Walter White would be, and Walter White was cooking meth and selling it to kids. … But now all of a sudden, we should be concerned about Clint Eastwood 'celebrating a killer'?"

PTC Urges CBS Not to Promote ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ During ‘Rudolph’ Special (Exclusive)

"It would violate the trust of families if the innocent holiday special is interrupted with promos featuring gory corpses or scantily clad lingerie models"

PTC Blasts FX for ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Graphic Sex

The organization says the footage illustrates why consumers should be able to choose whether they want to pay for this content

ABC Criticized for Airing ‘Scandal’ Sex Scene After Charlie Brown Special

"Shame on ABC for putting a peep show next to a playground," said the Parents Television Council president

PTC Slams Problematic Portrayals of Women at “Toned Down” VMAs

There was less twerking but still some troubling moments