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The Putin Interviews

Oliver Stone Gets Putin Praise, Will Receive Sarajevo Film Festival Honor

The Russian president calls the Oscar-winning director "a very balanced and comfortable interlocutor."

Oliver Stone’s ‘The Putin Interviews’ Stirs Controversy Over Military Footage

Media reports suggest Putin showed Stone video of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Oliver Stone’s ‘The Putin Interviews’ to Air on State-Run Network in Russia

The four-hour Showtime program is set to air on Channel One on June 19-22 at 9:30 p.m. local time.

‘The Putin Interviews’: TV Review

'The Putin Interviews,' Oliver Stone's four-hour Showtime interview with Vladimir Putin, begins with two hours of well-shot foundation-laying, but no Donald Trump dirt.

Putin Says Snowden Is “Not a Traitor” in ‘Putin Interviews’ Clip

The Russian president also explains, “If [Edward Snowden] didn’t like anything at his work, he should have simply resigned. But he went further.”

Oliver Stone on “Disaster” of Trump Presidency: “We Are Sleepwalking Toward a Nuclear Nightmare”

Speaking to Australian TV, 'The Putin Interviews' director said he regretted cutting a Trump cameo from his 2010 film 'Money Never Sleeps.'