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The Queen of Versailles

‘Queen of Versailles’ Couple’s Daughter Dies at 18

Victoria's family was the subject of the 2012 documentary, with her father suing the director for defamation.

Hollywood Docket: Tivo Patents; ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Update; WME v. Geraldo

A roundup of entertainment law news including more on the "Queen of Versailles" arbitration.

‘Queen of Versailles’ Filmmaker Wins Key Ruling in Defamation Fight

In staying a lawsuit, the judge finds testimony from David Siegel, the subject of the praised documentary, to be "inconsistent and incredible and thus lacking weight."

‘Queen of Versailles’ Lawsuit Rages With Father/Son Intrigue

David Siegel, the subject of the much lauded documentary, challenges whether his son had the capacity to sanction filming at company property.

The Queen of Versailles: Sundance Film Review

Lauren Greenfield's documentary follows a billionaire couple dealing with the harsh realities of the economic crisis.