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ray fisher

Ray Fisher Opens Up About ‘Justice League,’ Joss Whedon and Warners: “I Don’t Believe Some of These People Are Fit for Leadership”

Over the past year, the actor has assailed the filmmaker and studio in harsh-but-cryptic tweets for what he says was racist and inappropriate conduct: "I'm not so…

‘Justice League’ Investigator Backs DC Films’ Walter Hamada After Ray Fisher Claims

Fisher has accused the executive of attempting to interfere with an investigation into misconduct on the set of reshoots for the 2017 film.

WarnerMedia Stands By Walter Hamada After New Ray Fisher Accusations

The Cyborg actor on Wednesday again attacked the DC Films president for allegedly impeding a misconduct investigation.

Ray Fisher Accuses Warner Bros. Execs of “Racist Conversations” During ‘Justice League’ Edit

'Justice League' actor Ray Fisher leveled several new claims at the studio and director Joss Whedon in a Forbes interview that was later updated to remove an incendiary quote.

Warner Bros. Says Ray Fisher Not Cooperating with ‘Justice League’ Misconduct Investigation

Late Friday night, a Warner Bros. spokesperson released a statement addressing the allegations and subsequent investigation made by Justice League actor Ray Fisher concerning his accusations of…

WarnerMedia Investigating ‘Justice League’ Production in Light of Ray Fisher Claims

'Justice League' star Ray Fisher tweeted in July that filmmaker Joss Whedon had been abusive on set.