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Red Sparrow

If Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Open a Movie, Who Can?

The A-list actress' recent stumbles with 'Red Sparrow,' 'mother!' and 'Passengers' are no reason to gloat. The death of the movie star is bad news for everyone in Hollywood.

‘Red Sparrow’ Team on Timeliness of Russian Spy Movie: “The Relevancy Fell in Our Laps”

Although the Jennifer Lawrence starrer is in theaters at a time in which Russia-U.S. relations have received heightened scrutiny, director Francis Lawrence said he "didn't intend on making a political film."

Why ‘Red Sparrow’ Feels Like a Retrograde Throwback

Unlike the politically ambiguous action films of the Cold War era, the Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller doesn't encourage viewers to cheer on heroes representing the best of their countries.

How ‘Red Sparrow’ Fails Its Message of Female Empowerment

It's not just about how the film uses the torture of women but how the film chooses to show it.

‘Red Sparrow’ Is Not the Marvel Rip-Off You’ve Heard It Is

Comic book fans have been comparing Jennifer Lawrence's character to Black Widow, but this film is as far away from a Marvel project as it gets.

Weekend Box Office: ‘Black Panther’ Blows Past ‘Red Sparrow,’ ‘Death Wish’ With $60M-Plus

'Red Sparrow' stars Jennifer Lawrence, while Bruce Willis leads the cast of the 'Death Wish' remake; at the specialty box office, best picture nominees hope for a final burst before Sunday's show.

How ‘Red Sparrow’ Author Made the Film More “Authentically CIA”

Jason Matthews, a 33-year veteran of the spy agency, says that the job isn't all car chases and poisoned darts — and notes his novel is as timely as ever: "We’re now in the midst of a second Cold War."

Box-Office Preview: ‘Red Sparrow,’ ‘Death Wish’ Brave ‘Black Panther’

Jennifer Lawrence stars in 'Red Sparrow,' a seductive, R-rated action pic; 'Death Wish,' featuring Bruce Willis, is a remake of the classic 1974 revenge thriller.

Jennifer Lawrence Drinks Rum With Stephen Colbert, Calls Harvey Weinstein a “Horrible Ass Boil”

Lawrence also told her "haters" not to see 'Red Sparrow,' and discussed flirting with Larry David at Amy Schumer's wedding.

Jennifer Lawrence “Wanted to Kill” Harvey Weinstein When She Heard of Sexual Misconduct Claims

“The way he destroyed so many women’s lives, I want to see him in jail,” the actress said of the disgraced movie mogul in a wide-ranging interview with '60 Minutes.'

How ‘Red Sparrow’ Costume Designer Dressed Jennifer Lawrence for Espionage and Seduction

Using the color of "Russian propaganda posters," says director Francis Lawrence, the actress transforms from ballerina to spy.

‘Red Sparrow’: What the Critics Are Saying

The reviews are mixed for Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller.