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Richard Burton

Cannes: Fox, Bulgari to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of ‘Cleopatra’

The children of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton will host a special screening of the epic film at the Cannes Film Festival.

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds – Alive on Stage! The New Generation: Film Review

Family-friendly sci-fi stage spectacular transcends bizarre casting and clunky special effects.

Sybil Christopher, First Wife of Richard Burton, Dies at 83

After the actress lost her husband to Elizabeth Taylor, she opened a hot nightclub in NYC and later a theater on Long Island.

Richard Burton’s Diaries: Book Review

"Some days the only entry is the word 'booze'": insight into the actor's inexorable alcoholic death march -- and Elizabeth Taylor too.

‘Liz & Dick’: 5 Things to Know About Lindsay Lohan’s Transformation into Elizabeth Taylor

Lohan goes through 66 costume changes in Lifetime's film, premiering on Nov. 25.

Lindsay Lohan on Elizabeth Taylor’s Life: ‘I Look to Her Because She Got Through It’

"I think we have a lot of similarities, with growing up famous her whole life and living your life in the public eye," the star said at a private event for Lifetime's TV movie.

A Plea on Behalf of Brainy Girls: Give Lindsay Lohan a Chance

Why the 'Kielbasa-lipped' star makes perfect sense as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime's "Liz and Dick."

The Secrets of Cedars-Sinai, Hollywood’s Glamour Hospital

Whose heart had to be resuscitated nine times (by Garry Marshall's wife!), who ordered in from Chasen's (yes, it was Liz Taylor), and does a celebrity baby ward really exist? In its Philanthropy 2012 issue, THR reveals how Cedars-Sinai, the medical world's most glam facility, ended up with both boldface patients and patrons.

Lindsay Lohan Poses With a Gun for Controversial Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson

This isn't the actress' first suicidal fashion pose. She put a gun in her mouth for a session with Tyler Shields in 2010.

Emmys 2012: Six Shows in One Season? Kate Burton, Daughter Of Sir Richard, Did It (Q&A)

The twice Emmy-nominated actress escapes the shadow of her "titanic pop" by turning in memorable performances on "Grey’s Anatomy," "Veep," "Grimm," "The Closer," "The Good Wife" and "Scandal."

Hotel Wars: Where the Oscars Nominees Sleep, Drink and Celebrate

It's a pampering arms race as the poshest L.A. inns compete to host as many nominees as possible.

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction Fetches a Record-Breaking $116 Million Dollars

The highest bid -- $11 million -- was for Taylor's famous and historic pearl, La Peregrina, given to her by Richard Burton, who bought it at auction in 1969 for $37,000.