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Richard Donner

Gene Hackman Honors Richard Donner With Hilarious ‘Superman’ Anecdote

Gene Hackman honored his Superman director Richard Donner on Tuesday with a hilarious tale from the iconic production. The legendary Donner died Monday at the age of 91. Following the news…

William Shatner Pays Respects to Richard Donner With Memory of Their Classic ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode

It came as a bit of a shock to some to learn that Richard Donner directed arguably the most well-known Twilight Zone episode of all time, which just so happened to star William Shatner. Donner <a href=""…

Hollywood Pays Tribute to ‘Lethal Weapon’ Director Richard Donner: “Gifted Across So Many Genres”

In the wake of Richard Donner’s death on Monday, a number of Hollywood figures took to social media to share tributes to the Lethal Weapon film director, who died at age 91. Donner’s lengthy…

Richard Donner Had a Serious Issue With Marlon Brando’s ‘Superman’ Salary — At First

Marlon Brando made a fortune to play Jor-El in 1978’s Superman, and director Richard Donner said he took serious issue with the big bucks — at least, at first. The iconic Donner, who also…

When ‘The Goonies’ Invaded Richard Donner’s Hawaii Getaway

It wasn't just the fictional 1980s version of Astoria, Oregon, that had to deal with The Goonies, as one of the men responsible for the kid gang revealed during a new reunion of the cast of the 1985…

Why ‘Superman’ Is So Hard to Leave in the Past

Forty years ago, Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve made 'Superman,' a film that directors have been chasing for years, depicting who America was then — or at least who we wished to be.

Richard Alan Greenberg, Main Title Designer on ‘Superman’ and ‘Alien’ and Oscar Nominee for ‘Predator,’ Dies at 71

Richard Alan Greenberg, the Oscar-nominated effects artist who took main titles for movies to another level with his designs for such films as 'Superman,' 'Alien' and 'The World According to Garp,'…

‘Superman,’ The Inside Story: Director Richard Donner Remembers Meeting Stallone to Play the Lead, Working With Brando, and a Near-Fatal Knife Attack

The famed director reveals how Marlon Brando wanted to play Jor-El as a "bagel," fights with his producer and how he discovered Christopher Reeve for the first-ever big-budget superhero movie.

Hollywood’s Big Guns: Who’s Packing Heat?

Three big-time producers land on the L.A. Sheriff's list of 341 allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Facebook App YEAH Hopes to Lure Eyeballs of Movie Geeks (Video)

The new service offers exclusive supplemental content on a variety of films, including "Superman," "Halloween" and "Reservoir Dogs."