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TV’s ‘Anticipointments’ of 2011: Television’s Biggest Letdowns of the Past Year

THR looks to the ratings, reviews and its readers for a list of the Top 12 undelivered promises of this year's television.

CW Shifts Midseason Lineup to Boost ‘Remodeled’

The returns of "Ringer" and "90210" are pushed back to make room for encore airings of the network's new modeling reality series.

How the Death of Viewer Patience Is Killing off Freshman Shows

The 80 percent failure rate for new series will soon seem like the good old days as a brutal one-and-done environment fast takes the bloom off new programs, writes Tim Goodman.

The DVR Dump: 14 Freshman Shows I’m Giving Up On

The Hollywood Reporter's television critic purges his season pass list of scripted shows.

Lackluster Responses to ‘Prime Suspect,’ ‘Hart of Dixie,’ ‘Revenge’ Promotional Campaigns Suggest Shows in Trouble: Study

According to TiVo, the only new series with lower promo conversion rates -- Charlie's Angels and H8R -- have already been canceled.

‘Ringer’ Bosses Go Behind the Scenes With THR (Exclusive Photos)

The CW show's executive producers give a look inside the thriller's upcoming episodes.

‘Ringer’: 10 Spoilers on Pregnancy, Revenge, and Possible New Frenemies

Find out what to expect for the rest of the season on The CW series.

CW’s ‘Ringer’ Gets Full-Season Order

The Sarah Michelle Gellar series follows recent pickups "2 Broke Girls," "New Girl," "Up All Night" and "Whitney."

‘Ringer’ EPs Discuss Gemma’s Fate

Executive Producers Eric Charmelo and Pam Veasey shed some light on the episode's bloody ending.

‘Ringer’ EPs Pam Veasey and Eric Charmelo Tease Gemma’s Agenda

Now that Siobhan's best friend knows Bridget's secret, what will she do with it?

The Most Badass Woman of the New Fall TV Dramas Is… (Poll)

Updated: THR readers, tell us how you rank this season's new lead actresses.

‘Ringer’ Episode 3 Recap: 6 Killer Phone Calls

In the third episode, it's all about paying attention to who's calling.