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Rio Olympics

Ryan Lochte Gets New Endorsement Deal With Cough Drop Maker

Pine Bros. has a reputation for unexpected celebrity spokespeople.

Olympics 2016: 9 Network Chiefs Weigh In With Advice for Boosting Viewership

The AMC boss jokes about adding "pool zombies," while the head of History would encourage more human interest stories.

TV Ratings: Rio Closing Ceremony Is Down 45 Percent, Widening Gap With London

A quiet send-off compared to four years ago, the Olympics finishes a mixed ratings run for NBC.

USOC Says “Further Action” Coming in Lochte Case

"They let down our athletes," said U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun. "They let down Americans."

Rio Olympics: 7 Biggest Storylines of the Games

From #lochtemess to the dominance of the U.S. women to NBC's weak ratings, these are the seven stories that shaped coverage of the Olympics.

Ryan Lochte Apologizes to Matt Lauer, Says, “I Let My Team Down”

"I overexaggerated that story, and if I had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess."

Al Roker Weighs In on Lochte Scandal: “He Lied”

"He lied. He lied to you. He lied to Matt Lauer," Roker told Billy Bush on air during a broadcast of 'Today' in Rio.

Daily Olympian: More Ryan Lochte Scandal, Usain Bolt Does the ‘Triple-Triple’

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte apologized as the IOC launched an investigation.

How Omega Times Stars Like Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt

"We’re not allowed to make mistakes," says Omega Timing CEO Alan Zobrist.

Ryan Lochte Apologizes for “My Behavior” at Rio Gas Station

In a statement posted to his Instagram account, the swimmer says he's sorry for "not being more careful and candid" in how he characterized what happened — an incident he initially described as an armed robbery.

Hollywood Reacts to Ryan Lochte Robbery Lie With Jokes, Outrage

Meanwhile, memes featuring Brian Williams and scenes from 'Forrest Gump,' 'Zoolander' proliferate on social media.

Everything We Know About Simone Biles’ “Brazilian Boyfriend”

For starters, he's got rock-hard abs for days.