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Rob Ford

Kiefer Sutherland Urges Ontario Politician to Stop Using Grandfather’s Name

Actor Kiefer Sutherland on Monday told Ontario political leader Doug Ford to stop invoking the name of his grandfather, Tommy Douglas, for political purposes.

Damian Lewis to Play Controversial Ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Drama

The movie, 'Run This Town,' also will star Ben Platt, Nina Dobrev and Mena Massoud.

Rob Ford, Former Toronto Mayor With a Reality TV Persona, Dies at 46

The city's celebrity leader, often the butt of U.S. tabloids and late-night comedians, lost his fight with cancer.

Toronto: “Crackhead Mayor” Rob Ford’s Possible Presence Making Regulars Nervous

Fresh out of rehab, the city's racial- and homophobic-slur-spewing leader is invited to the festivities — and is a hot mess

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Ends Rehab Stint With Public Apology

Addressing handpicked reporters, the crack cocaine-abusing Canadian politician vowed to keep his nose clean.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Whereabouts Cloaked in Mystery

Plans to fly to Chicago, possibly to enter an American rehab center, were scuttled after the crack-smoking politician on May 1 decided against applying to enter the U.S.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to Finally Get Help for Addictions (Report)

The drug- and booze-abusing politician's decision to "take a break" and enter rehab follows yet another recording of drunken behavior in a city bar Monday night.

Hot Docs Fest: Rob Ford Rival Olivia Chow Apologizes for Meeting the Iron Sheik

The crack-smoking politician's main electoral opponent distanced herself from the former TV wrestling champ after reading his homophobic and sexist comments on Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel Appears on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s YouTube Show (Video)

The U.S. late-night TV host jokes he wants to sleep with the celebrity politician and his wife when he next visits Toronto.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ‘Crackathon’ Game Launches Online

Players are invited to collect dope leaves and liquor bottles while avoiding reporters, arrest or impeachment, as they party like the embattled Canadian politician.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Votes Against Honoring Nelson Mandela, Canadian Olympians

The crack-smoking mayor asked for a do-over after discovering his was the lone vote against a motion to name a major city street after the late South African leader.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Quizzed About Crack Cocaine Use in Debate

The combative politician was also asked about drug dealer associations as challengers make first mention of scandals in the mayoral election campaign after surprising silence.