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Rob Liefeld

Rob Liefeld Channeled ‘Saving Private Ryan’ for ‘X-Force: Killshot’

Rob Liefeld acknowledges that he’s prone to speak positively about (some might say, hype up) any of his projects. But the writer and artist insists he’s sincere when speaking about the joy he…

Rob Liefeld’s ‘Prophet’ Returning for 30th Anniversary

John Prophet is coming back to celebrate his 30th birthday. The comic book hero, who is set to be played by Jake Gyllenhaal in an upcoming movie, is returning to print with a facsimile edition of Prop…

‘G.I. Joe’ Legend Larry Hama Joins ‘Snake Eyes: Deadgame’ Finale

Writer and artist Rob Liefeld is completing his series Snake Eyes: Deadgame with a little help from G.I. Joe legend Larry Hama. The upcoming fifth and final issue of the G.I. Joe spinoff centering…