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Robert Iger

Bob Iger “Actively Helping” Disney Amid Virus Crisis

Bob Iger has reportedly taken back control of the Walt Disney Co. amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Walked Away From Twitter Acquisition: “The Nastiness Is Extraordinary”

The Walt Disney Co. was looking into buying Twitter, but just could not go through with it, CEO Robert Iger revealed.

Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams Tour Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Directors Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy on Saturday toured Disneyland's highly-anticipated Star Wars land, Galaxy's Edge.

Disney Amends CEO Bob Iger’s Total Yearly Pay as Fox Deal Closing Nears

The Walt Disney Company on Monday said it has amended chairman and CEO Bob Iger's total possible annual compensation by as much as $13.5 million as the closing of its 21st Century Fox deal nears.

Why Bob Iger’s Disney Success Comes With Some Awkwardness

The CEO is about to become the most powerful mogul in Hollywood history, but Hollywood Reporter columnist Stephen Galloway notes that he also has suffered a string of executive scandals and public relations blowups in recent years.

Galloway on Film: The Greatest Executive

Only one Hollywood executive today can rival Irving Thalberg — the inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Last Tycoon' — even though he’s nothing like him.

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s 2016 Compensation Falls to $43.9 Million

The Disney chief's annual salary, stock compensation and bonus was down 6 percent from 2016, when he had made $46.5 million.

‘Star Wars’-Themed Lands Could Offset Disney’s “Troubled” TV Networks

Though the bicoastal theme park attractions won't break ground until 2017, CEO Bob Iger's big reveal provided a small reversal of the company's 9 percent stock plunge after quarterly earnings.

Bill Simmons: What He Might Do Next

The sports pundit's ouster from ESPN gives way to speculation about a new company or a move to Fox.

Summer Superhero Blockbusters Expose Comic Book TV’s Weakness

As 'Avengers' flies high, Marvel's small-screen heroes battle a middling game against DC and broadcasters keep adding shows. Says one analyst, "We're getting where there might be too many options in the genre."

Disney Promotes Leslie Ferraro to President of Consumer Products

Disney has been shaking up its executive ranks recently.

Hollywood CEO Pay Report: Who’s Up, Who’s Down

Six of nine big-media leaders saw their share price fall, but only two suffered lower compensation (Fox and Sony are still to come).