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Rocky IV

Sylvester Stallone Doubles Down on ‘Rocky’ Ownership Complaints Over ‘Drago’ Spinoff

Sylvester Stallone has more to say about the Rocky franchise in light of MGM developing a film spinoff centering on Ivan Drago. Stallone — who wrote the screenplay for 1976’s Oscar-winning Rocky, in which he starred as boxer Rocky Balboa — took to Instagram on Saturday to criticize Drago, the planned film that is being […]

Dolph Lundgren on ‘Castle Falls,’ ‘Aquaman 2’ and Drago Spinoff Talk

Dolph Lundgren has been trying to return to the director’s chair since 2010, but his work in franchises like The Expendables, Creed and Aquaman have kept him plenty busy as an actor. He finally found a window of time to direct Castle Falls in March 2020, and after half a day’s worth of filming, production […]