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Ron DeSantis

Judge Dismisses Florida Taxpayers’ Lawsuit to Block Dissolution of Disney’s Special District

A judge refused to allow the case to proceed in a speedy dismissal order issued just a week after the lawsuit was brought.

Disney Copyrights Targeted in Bill Proposed by Sen. Josh Hawley

The company would lose its copyright to the original design of Mickey Mouse if the law is passed.

Florida Taxpayers Sue Gov. Ron DeSantis for Eliminating Disney’s Special District

The lawsuit from residents of a county surrounding Disney World claims they'll be saddled with paying off $1 billion-plus in bond debt.

John Oliver Rips Florida Governor Over Elimination of Disney’s Special District: “He Didn’t Really Think This Through”

"Do I think it’s bad if Disney pays more taxes? No, I don’t. … [But] I don’t love that it might happen not through meaningful tax reform but on the whim of one right-wing dipshit who's scared of gay people," the 'Last Week Tonight' host said of Ron DeSantis.

Disney’s Special District Says Florida Can’t Eliminate It Without Paying Off Billion-Plus in Debts

The note to securities regulators is the first response from the Hollywood giant since the state began retaliating against the company for its opposition to the so-called "Don't Say Gay" law. Reedy Creek Improvement District told investors that it's business as usual.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Eliminates Disney’s Special District

The law will go into effect June 1, 2023.

Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill Aimed at Eliminating Disney’s Special District

The Republican-led Florida House still has to vote on the measure. Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the bill if it gets to him.