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Ronni Chasen Murder

It’s Past Time to Reopen the Ronni Chasen Murder Investigation

Nov. 16 was the 12th anniversary of the murder of renowned film awards publicist Ronni Chasen. Hardly anyone has spoken publicly of it in years, but at the time it was national news. Just about everyone in Hollywood, whether they knew her or not, was vested in what happened — in part because it seemed […]

Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Key Hearing Set In Filmmaker’s Public Records Battle With Police

A Dec. 11 hearing has been set in L.A. County Superior Court between the Beverly Hills Police Department and documentarian Ryan Katzenbach.

Clients of Slain Publicist Ronni Chasen Score Big in Globes Nominations

"Inception" nominee Hans Zimmer: ‘I miss her terribly. And I’ve been saying that for weeks now and it doesn’t seem to go away’

Ronni Chasen Tipster Was ‘Very Fearful’ of Turning in Harold Smith

He's due to receive $125,000 in award money, but says that doesn't matter: "I did this for one reason... to get justice for Ronni Chasen."

Police: Harold Smith ‘Acted Alone’ in Ronni Chasen Hit That Was ‘Not Professional’

Detective Mike Publicker: 'This was a random act of violence; we believe it was most likely a robbery gone bad.'

Report: Same Gun Killed Ronni Chasen, Suicide Gunman

In a potentially crucial revelation, a law enforcement source says the same gun appears to have killed both Ronni Chasen and person of interest Harold Smith.

Ballistics Show Suicide Victim’s Gun Not the One Used in Ronni Chasen Murder

L.A.'s KTLA-TV reports latest findings in high-profile Beverly Hills murder case.

Ronni Chasen’s Screenwriter Brother Tells NY Times His Theory of Publicist’s Murder

Larry Cohen denounces dead suspect's involvement, points blame at road rage.