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Ronni Chasen

It’s Past Time to Reopen the Ronni Chasen Murder Investigation

Nov. 16 was the 12th anniversary of the murder of renowned film awards publicist Ronni Chasen. Hardly anyone has spoken publicly of it in years, but at the time it was national news. Just about everyone in Hollywood, whether they knew her or not, was vested in what happened — in part because it seemed […]

What Really Happened the Night Hollywood Power Publicist Ronni Chasen Was Killed?

Six years later, her best friends still feel no sense of closure, and now newly released documents raise serious questions about a flawed investigation.

Police Procedure Expert Reviews New Ronni Chasen Murder Files, Critiques Beverly Hills Detectives

"There's a lot of questions still hanging in the air," says Myrl Stebens, instructor at California's Police Science Institute, who has investigated homicides for 45 years.

Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Judge Denies Records to Filmmaker

In a tentative decision announced Thursday morning, the court agreed with a documentarian’s “general premise” that he deserves access to murder investigation files, but noted he presented a “lack of evidence” to justify his case.

Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Filmmaker Reveals Neighbor’s Video Testimony on Eve of Trial (Exclusive)

A Beverly Hills resident who says he directed police to a potential eyewitness to the crime claims investigators later admitted they didn’t pursue a vigorous interview because the witness didn’t speak English

Ronni Chasen’s Murder: Lawsuit Raises Questions Over Police Investigation

An Oct. 6 brief asserts that Chasen's friends, including Diane Warren and Lili Zanuck, were never interviewed by detectives

Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Key Hearing Set In Filmmaker’s Public Records Battle With Police

A Dec. 11 hearing has been set in L.A. County Superior Court between the Beverly Hills Police Department and documentarian Ryan Katzenbach.

Ronni Chasen Legal Fight: Police May Turn Over Limited Files for Documentary Film

A lawyer for the Beverly Hills Police Department told a judge Tuesday that it will turn over some documents concerning its handling of the investigation into the killing of the Hollywood publicist.

Ronni Chasen Lawsuit: Beverly Hills City, Police Request Judge’s Removal

In a brief court filing Monday, the city and its police department argue that Judge Robert H. O'Brien is "prejudiced" against them as he deliberates a public records access suit filed by documentary filmmaker Ryan Katzenbach.

Ronni Chasen Documentary Director on Autopsy Revelations, Unanswered Questions (Q&A)

Ryan Katzenbach, who forced the document's release after three years, tells THR he still wants the Beverly Hills Police Department to open its investigation file to the public -- including details on whether it sought a vehicle before zeroing in on a shooter on a bicycle.

Ronni Chasen’s Autopsy Finally Released After Legal Battle

The publicist died from four gunshot wounds, according to the official report from the Los Angeles County Coroner, withheld from the public for three years but released following a lawsuit filed by a documentary filmmaker.

Director Sues Beverly Hills Police for Access to Ronni Chasen File (Exclusive)

Access to the slain publicist's case pits a documentary filmmaker against Beverly Hills police as alternate theories continue to surround her 2010 murder.