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Roundtable Videos

Lauren Greenfield Talks Imelda Marcos, the “Unreliable Narrator” of ‘The Kingmaker’

Lauren Greenfield joined Alex Gibney, Julia Reichert, Asif Kapadia, Todd Douglas Miller and Nanfu Wang for the Oscar Documentary Roundtable.

Asif Kapadia Discusses “the Pop Culture Icon” in His Latest Film ‘Diego Maradona’

Asif Kapadia joined Alex Gibney, Lauren Greenfield, Julia Reichert, Todd Douglas Miller and Nanfu Wang for the Oscar Documentary Roundtable.

‘American Factory’ Director Julia Reichert Says Her Documentary Is Ultimately an Examination of Power

'American Factory' director Julia Reichert joined Alex Gibney, Lauren Greenfield, Asif Kapadia, Todd Douglas Miller and Nanfu Wang for the Oscar Documentary Roundtable.

‘Black Monday’ Star Regina Hall on the Show’s Whitney Houston Joke She Refused to Say

'Black Monday' star Regina Hall joined the Comedy Actress Roundtable to discuss the Whitney Houston joke she refused to say on 'Black Monday,' what she loves about her character and more.

Alfonso Cuaron Talks “Intense Experience” While Filming ‘Roma’: “I Forgot I Was a Writer”

During The Hollywood Reporter's Directors Roundtable, Alfonso Cuaron admitted that filming the movie was an "intense experience."

Boots Riley on Creating Music to Appeal to ‘Sorry to Bother You’ Audience: “We Don’t Sell Platinum Records”

Boots Riley may have created the soundtrack for his film 'Sorry to Bother You,' but the director admits during The Hollywood Reporter's Songwriting Roundtable that he may have made "different songs" for himself had he not been behind the project.

Mark Ronson on Tapping Into Lady Gaga’s “Giant Well of Emotions” for ‘A Star Is Born’

Producer Mark Ronson has a rare approach to songwriting, explaining that he strictly relies on a "collaborative" process with other artists, in particular with Lady Gaga for 'A Star Is Born.'

Watch Top Movie Producers Debate Harassment in Hollywood: “There’s a Culture of Paying People Off”

Amy Pascal, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and more discuss the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and why it took so long for people to speak up: "It's like a priest who seems like a great part of the community, so nobody doubts him."

Andrew Garfield on Acting: “I Know I’m Never Going to Be Able to Quit” | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"I want to know everything about everything, and that's not possible," says the star of 'Silence' and 'Hacksaw Ridge.'

Dev Patel on ‘Lion’: To “Just Be an Everyman, a Modern 20-Something-Year-Old Guy, Meant a Lot” | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"You have to take on the mold because that's all there is to break the mold, and you can push the bar a little bit in that space."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “The Point of Making a Movie Like ‘Snowden’ Is to Start a Conversation” | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"I can read about what exactly he did and why, but what you can't necessarily get from watching him give an interview or a speech or reading an article about him is those little human things."