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Rush Limbaugh

Fox News Regulars Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Tapped as Rush Limbaugh Replacements

Premiere Radio Networks has found its replacement for The Rush Limbaugh Show. The iHeartMedia-owned radio giant says that Clay Travis and Buck Sexton will host the daily program from 12-3 p.m. ET, beginning June 21. Premiere has been running reruns of Limbaugh’s show in the timeslot ever since the radio host passed away in February. […]

Donald Trump Criticizes LeBron James for Being Outspoken “Hater”

Donald Trump on Friday criticized LeBron James while the president was a guest on Rush Limbaugh's show. 

Hollywood Conservatives Ridicule NFL, Back Trump

Talk radio is calling for a boycott, and some non-liberal celebrities seemingly back the proposal, as the controversy over political protests won't go away.

Sean Hannity on Media Coverage of Trump’s MSNBC Tweets: “They’re a Bunch of Crybabies”

The subject dominated talk radio, where most conservatives criticized the president for "inappropriate" tweets about Mika Brzezinski.

Johnny Depp’s Trump Remarks Dominate Talk Radio

"How are you going to talk to the people who are shouting down and throwing Molotov cocktails? You're not," Glenn Beck told his audience Friday.

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Colbert’s Audience for Cheering Comey Firing

"These people on the left are not independent thinkers," the conservative host said after playing a clip of Colbert announcing the firing of the FBI director.

Rush Limbaugh Extends Radio Contract for Four More Years

"I really want to be on the air if the Russians find Hillary's emails," Limbaugh said in a statement.

Dinesh D’Souza to Marry, Ted Cruz’s Father to Handle the Nuptials

The 'Hillary's America' filmmaker's guest list will contain some prominent players in conservative politics.

Rush Limbaugh: Fox News Acting as if “Jilted at the Altar” by Donald Trump

"I'm stunned watching this. Everybody has to know that this is exactly one of the things Trump is hoping to achieve," the radio host said Wednesday.

CNBC Debate Fallout Continues: Could Future Moderators Include Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity?

“Traditional mainstream media has treated the debates as comedies, as propaganda, and as ratings and revenue opportunities, even as they mock conservative candidates. It’s an outrage,” Beck wrote in a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.

Rush Limbaugh on Kanye West’s Presidential Announcement: “What in the World?”

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee and White House press secretary Josh Earnest both seemed to approve of a possible run.

Rush Limbaugh on Virginia TV Shooting: “Journalists Might Want to Consider Arming Themselves”

The media fears it's "open season" on them, says the conservative host.