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Sarah Paulson

How ‘Gaslit,’ ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Makeup Pros Turned Sean Penn, Sarah Paulson Into Historical Figures

As Sean Penn’s prosthetic makeup and hair designer on Gaslit, Kazu Hiro had to turn the two-time Oscar winner into former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell. That meant a full face of prosthetics. (Penn also wore a bodysuit to change his frame. “We wanted to make it look believable,” Hiro explains, “but not to pile […]

Sarah Paulson Talks Evan Peters’ “Historic” Win, “Stinky” Food Boxes During Emmys Instagram Live

Sarah Paulson went live on Instagram during Sunday night’s Emmy Awards for two minutes and 20 seconds in a showing that proved she’s hiding a secret talent as an events reporter. The actress — on the scene to present alongside Beanie Feldstein, the Monica Lewinsky to her Linda Tripp in Impeachment: American Crime Story — […]

The Top 10 Jewelry Moments That Stunned at the 73rd Emmy Awards

At Sunday night’s 73rd Annual Emmy Awards, bright hues reigned on the red carpet, embraced by women and men alike, while stars also highlighted a wide variety of sparkle in imaginative ways. Here’s a look at The Hollywood Reporter‘s top 10 moments in diamonds and other jewels on the Emmys red carpet: Jean Smart in […]

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’: 5 of the Series’ Stars and Their Real-Life Inspirations

When Impeachment: American Crime Story makes its debut Sept. 7, it won’t be light on star power. As is often the case with Ryan Murphy television, the producer has larded his latest FX series with an array of familiar faces, some of them from the Murphy universe (Sarah Paulson, Judith Light); some of them new […]

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Team on Collaborating with Monica Lewinsky, Awaiting Clinton Reaction

After three years in development, Impeachment: American Crime Story is now just days away from being shown to the world — and to the subjects it depicts, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge and Paula Jones. “I feel nervous,” writer and exec producer Sarah Burgess admitted to The Hollywood Reporter at the […]

Beanie Feldstein and Sarah Paulson in FX’s ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’: TV Review

The latest season of Ryan Murphy's acclaimed anthology series revisits the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal of the late 1990s, focusing on the women at its center.

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’: First Full Trailer Released

An official trailer for Impeachment: American Crime Story, which chronicles the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, dropped Thursday. The third season of the FX anthology series is based on former New Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin’s best-selling book A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President and features Clive Owen […]

“It’s a New Day”: Anya Taylor-Joy, Cynthia Erivo, Gillian Anderson and the THR Drama Actress Roundtable

Gillian Anderson had been dreading this. A tripod had arrived at her home in the U.K., along with a mess of lights and, really, just the thought of having to sit through an hour-plus on Zoom had her practically reeling. But then the woman who stuns as Margaret Thatcher in the most recent season of […]

‘Run’: Film Review

'Run,' Aneesh Chaganty's follow-up to 'Searching,' watches as a teen (Kiera Allen) tries to escape the clutches of her desperately possessive mother (Sarah Paulson).

Sarah Paulson Says Ryan Murphy Goes to “Very Extreme Places” With Netflix’s ‘Ratched’

Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, Sharon Stone and more talk starring in Ryan Murphy's latest series Ratched. 

‘Ratched’: TV Review

Sarah Paulson, Sharon Stone, Cynthia Nixon and Judy Davis headline Ratched, Ryan Murphy's star-studded One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest horror prequel for Netflix.

‘Coastal Elites’: TV Review

Bette Midler, Dan Levy, Issa Rae, Sarah Paulson and Kaitlyn Dever star in 'Coastal Elites,' HBO's 90-minute series of pandemic-themed monologues from Paul Rudnick.