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Sasha Cohen

In “Fake News” Era, Meet the Lawyer Taking on Media Titans

Conservative crusader Larry Klayman is suing various entities on behalf of clients like Joe Arpaio and Roy Moore who say they've been harmed by the irresponsibility of the press.

‘Who Is America?’: Dick Cheney-Autographed Waterboard Kit Back on Sale on eBay

In Sasha Baron Cohen's new Showtime series 'Who Is America?', Cohen — in character — can be heard asking former Vice President Dick Cheney to sign his "waterboard kit." Now, that waterboard kit is…

Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Trump With Mysterious July Fourth Message

Sacha Baron Cohen trolled President Donald Trump on Twitter on the Fourth of July holiday, posting a video of the president criticizing the comedian.

Adam Lambert Slams ‘Les Miserables’ in Twitter Review

The "American Idol" alum asserts that the movie version's music "suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers," but offered up praise for Anne Hathaway's performance.

‘Hugo’ Director Martin Scorsese Suspects Negative PR Campaign Behind Blackie CGI Rumors (Video)

Ellen Degeneres gave Scorsese a gold painted collar for Blackie, just in case she doesn't win the real deal at the Golden Collar Awards on Feb. 13.

‘Hugo’ Star Blackie’s Performance Not CGI-Enhanced, 20-Minute Love Scene Was Cut (Exclusive)

Visual effects supervisor Rob Legato blasts rumors of CGI but reveals Blackie's anchovy paste-fueled love scene with British actress Emily Mortimer.

Martin Scorsese Demands Write-In Ballot For ‘Hugo”s Blackie To Golden Collar Awards

The acclaimed director makes a convincing case for his "Hugo" star Doberman's "uncompromising" performance in the Oscar-nominated film.