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Scott Feinberg

FEINBERG FORECAST: Updated Projections (With 19 Weeks Until the Oscars)

As the New York Film Festival ends and the Chicago International Film Festival begins, THR's awards analyst offers his latest assessment of the race.

‘Bernie’ Star Jack Black Says He’s a ‘Clown’ Who Also Wants to Be Taken Seriously (Video)

"The first time I felt the fever, the magnetic pull towards acting, was at Passover seder," the 43-year-old, earning Oscar buzz for "Bernie," tells THR.

Chicago 2012: Star-Studded ‘Stand Up Guys’ Opens 48th Chicago International Film Festival

Oscar winners Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin star in the comedy, which also features two original songs by Jon Bon Jovi.

Hollywood Film Awards to Honor Career of ‘Arbitrage’ Star Richard Gere (Exclusive)

The 63-year-old silver-haired actor stands a good shot at scoring the first Oscar nomination of his nearly 40-year career for his perf in Nicholas Jarecki's film.

Oscar Fav ‘Argo’ Attracts Massive Turnout of Movie and Media A-Listers in New York

The film's George Clooney and Ben Affleck hosted the likes of Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and Bette Midler, plus Ted Koppel, Brian Williams and Barbara Walters.

Austria and France Are Early Frontrunners for Foreign Language Oscar (Analysis)

This year's presumptive frontrunners are the festival-circuit favorite "Amour" and the international blockbuster "The Intouchables."

Hollywood Film Awards to Honor ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Star Bradley Cooper (Exclusive)

The actor, who is best known for his work in the "Hangover" comedies, is a best actor Oscar contender for his role in David O. Russell's new dramedy.

FEINBERG FORECAST: Updated Projections (With 20 Weeks Until the Oscars)

THR's awards analyst updates the charts to reflect the New York Film Fest's centerpiece screening, the Hamptons Int'l Film Fest's audience award, and more.

‘Not Fade Away,’ Reunion of ‘Sopranos’ Creator and Star, Unveiled at New York Film Fest (Analysis)

A year after 'Like Crazy,' Paramount is handling another low-budget passion project that is likelier to attract a cult following than major awards.

Why Has Oscar-Winning Director Barry Levinson Made a Horror Film? (Video)

Few filmmakers who made it to the top of the mountain of "respectable" filmmaking--as in, winning the best director Oscar--then made a horror film.

A Few Minutes with Feinberg: With Fest Underway in New York, Race Continues Elsewhere (Video)

An up-close look at new developments connected with the Hollywood Film Awards, the AFI Fest, and the contentious race for best documentary feature.

FEINBERG FORECAST: Updated Projections (With 21 Weeks Until the Oscars)

THR's awards analyst assesses the field as the New York Film Festival gets underway and the first screeners of the season arrive in voters' mailboxes.