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Sean Parker

Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Parker Honored at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Gala

Paltrow's ex-husband Chris Martin served as entertainment for the evening, which raised $2.35 million for the local children's hospital.

Relativity Chief Dana Brunetti: Sean Parker’s The Screening Room Doesn’t Go Far Enough

"It's not something that I'm gonna be able to change overnight," the Oscar and Emmy nominee recently told THR, "but as the opportunities make themselves available I'm definitely going to push that way whenever I can."

AMC Theatres “Believes in Windows,” Screening Room Is “Still Just an Idea,” Says CEO

Adam Aron says it’s "probably" not wise to make a public comment about Sean Parker's proposed $50 home-movie service, but adds that AMC was "willing to talk with our studio partners about being creative around the edges."

Sean Parker’s Gag Order Addiction: Even Spielberg Had to Sign NDA at Screening Room Presentation

No matter what businessman Sean Parker is up to — selling Hollywood on his controversial Screening Room or hosting a black tie charity event — he makes everyone sign a NDA.

Tom Hanks on Sean Parker’s Cancer Initiative: “He’s Bringing a Level of Common Sense You Thought Already Existed But Didn’t”

The tech billionaire hosted an A-list gala on the grounds outside his home to celebrate the launch of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Peter Jackson on Sean Parker’s $50 Home Movie Service: “It’s Inevitable”

The Screening Room proposal has been described as controversial, but the Oscar-winning filmmaker says it's more of a "healthy injection."

Sean Parker Bankrolls Project to Speed Development of Cancer-Fighting Drugs

The Napster co-founder and man behind controversial home-movie venture Screening Room has made a $250 million grant to the newly created Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Top European Theater Group Attacks Sean Parker’s Screening Room

The proposed home movie service "seems to offer little benefit ... while representing significant potential risks,” the International Union of Cinemas said.

U.K. Theater Group Calls Sean Parker’s Home Movie Service a “Massive Risk”

The U.K. Cinema Association says the proposed $50 home movie service provides "unprecedented opportunity" for piracy.

5 Hurdles Facing Sean Parker’s $50 Home Movie Service

Opponents — from theater owners to Wall Street analysts to filmmakers including Christopher Nolan and Brett Ratner — say the proposal could do irreparable harm to theaters and change customer habits for good.

Hundreds of Cinemas Rally Against Sean Parker’s Plans for $50 Home Movie Service

The service is being pitched by Parker's new company, the Screening Room.

Theater Owner Rejects Proposed $50 Home Movie Service: “It Feels Like a Half-Baked Plan”

Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League doubts Hollywood studios will agree to Sean Parker's plan and chains like Cinemark and Regal aren't likely to go along, but filmmakers like Peter Jackson line up in support.