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Sean Parker

“Hey, Why Wasn’t I Invited?” (If You Have to Ask, You’re Not on the Party A-List)

Every night in NYC, there are fabulous events, flashbulbs and a flock of the social scene's anointed as event planners and publicists break down the brutal algorithm behind who's considered "in" — and who's never considered at all.

EDM Duo The Chainsmokers Debut with Viral Hit (Video)

Drew Taggart and Alex Pall score YouTube smash with #Selfie after being discovered by Dim Mak's Steve Aoki.

Sean Parker Agrees to $2.5 Million Settlement Over Big Sur Wedding

The internet entrepreneur married Alexandra Lenas in a splashy ceremony on Saturday.

Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker Marries (Photo)

The former Facebook president and Napster co-founder wed singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas on Saturday night in Big Sur, Calif.

Sean Parker Slams ‘Medieval’ Wedding Reports

Meanwhile, the tech billionaire has recruited Oscar-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson to create the wardrobe for his impending nuptials to Alexandra Lenas.

Downloaded: SXSW Review

Director Alex Winter's documentary recalls the groundbreaking launch of Napster and the legal battles that sank the company.

Napster Co-Founders Launch New Social Network Airtime

A purposely diverse group of celebrities including Jim Carrey, Snoop Dogg, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus show off a new service meant to solve the "boring," "dehumanizing" Internet.

Napster Co-Founders Reunite to Introduce New Company in June

Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning will soon reveal mysterious "Airtime" project.

Black Keys Drummer Patrick Carney Calls Napster Founder Sean Parker an ‘A–hole’ for Stealing Royalties

Hot on the heels of Dan Auerbach's controversial comments about Nickelback in Rolling Stone, Carney stirs the pot with remarks on Spotify board member Parker's previous Napster scandal and disregard for recording artists.

Sean Parker, Napster Co-Founder and Former Facebook President, Joins Twitter; Apologizes to Mark Zuckerberg

Parker, who sent out his first tweet Monday, already has nearly 19,000 followers and counting.

Sean Parker Denies Facebook Post Was an Attack on Steve Jobs

"We can come to look upon the deaths of our enemies with as much regret as we feel for those of our friends," Parker wrote.

Spotify: As Media Goes Gaga Over Launch, Pandora Stock Falls

Plus: Spotify investor Sean Parker's letter to Facebook friends proclaiming a "new golden age of music."