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‘Million Dollar Arm’ Producer Mark Ciardi Forming New Multiplatform Production Company (Exclusive)

He's joining forces with Tom Duterme, William Chang and Ash Vasudevan in Aspire Entertainment

Disney Sues Horse-Racing Announcer’s Estate Over ‘Secretariat’

The family of a CBS announcer who called the 1973 Triple Crown has said the 2010 film used his voice without permission.

Report: 2010 Box Office Favored Movies with ‘Strong Biblical Morality’ Over Pro-Atheism Themes

The Movieguide Faith and Value Awards featured the annual report to the industry and honored movies such as "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

‘RED’ Beats ‘Secretariat’ Atop Video Charts

Summit's action-comedy debuts at No. 1 in both sales and rentals.

How SAG and Golden Globe Nominations Affect Oscar Odds

Scott Feinberg notes that since 2000, only 1.1 performers a year lose at SAG and HFPA and still get Oscar noms. Here are this year's big names snubbed by SAG and HFPA, though 1.1 of them will still get Oscar noms (if past is prologue): #1: Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception, Shutter Island).

Oscar Tout: Diane Lane’s ‘Secretariat’ Secrets

Diane Lane's tumultuous past intensifies "Secretariat." Can her performance win her a second nomination?

Secretariat — Film Review

Diane Lane, in a series of wigs to portray the blond Penny Tweedy, holds the film together with a sturdy performance that suggests, in moments, a mystical connection between horse and owner.