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‘Serial,’ ‘S-Town’ Creators to Release Podcast About Britain’s ‘Trojan Horse Affair’

Serial Productions and The New York Times Company will release a limited-series podcast Feb. 3 about a false conspiracy that Islamic extremists were plotting to take over local schools in Birmingham, England, that led to a national scandal beginning around 2014. The podcast, titled The Trojan Horse Affair after the supposed plot called “Operation Trojan Horse” to […]

‘Serial’ Season 3 to Become HBO Limited Series

Host Sarah Koenig will exec produce alongside LeBron James.

HBO’s Adnan Syed Doc Was Denied a Jail Interview by State of Maryland

The director and stars of HBO’s ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’ say the doc gets “closer to the truth” — though requests to interview Adnan in jail were denied.

‘Serial’: Everything to Know About Season 3

Sarah Koenig's hit podcast 'Serial' is back. The third season of the popular podcast returned Thursday with new episodes exploring the Cleveland criminal court system.

Mark Boal Settles With U.S. Government in Bergdahl Tapes Dispute

The Oscar winner's confidential material will remain confidential.

‘Serial’ Star Adnan Syed Asks to Be Released From Jail

"There is no reason to think Adnan would run from the case he has spent half his life trying to disprove," said Syed's lawyer.

Rapid Round: Ira Glass Talks Dark Side of Comedy, Stays Mum on ‘Serial’ Season 3

The 'This American Life' host produced the improv troupe dramedy, which nabbed the highest per-screen average of 2016 this past weekend.

‘Serial’ Host Sarah Koenig Reacts to Adnan Syed’s New Trial

"It was such a long shot, this outcome."

How ‘Serial’ Subject Adnan Syed Received a New Trial

His lawyer tweeted Friday that Syed is "extremely happy" with the decision.

Could Donald Trump Be a Witness in ‘Serial’s’ Bowe Bergdahl Trial?

Bergdahl's attorney says that Trump's statements calling Bergdahl a "traitor" could affect his right to a fair trial.

‘Serial’ Witness Asia McClain Speaks Out About Recent Adnan Syed Testimony

When asked what she would tell Adnan Syed, McClain told 'Good Morning America,' "I would just personally apologize that I didn’t come forward in 2010."

Adnan Syed’s Hearing: Asia McClain Finishes Her Testimony After Cross-Examination

The prosecutor repeatedly asked McClain when she wrote her second letter to Adnan Syed, of 'Serial' fame.