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‘Sharper’ Director Benjamin Caron Talks His Twisty Feature Debut and Making ‘Andor’ Stormtroopers Competent

A number of recent releases have flown under the radar due to the hustle and bustle of Oscar season, and Benjamin Caron’s Sharper is among those titles that warrants your attention.  Released last month on Apple TV+, Caron’s feature directorial debut stars Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan, as well as John Lithgow, Justice Smith and […]

Next Big Thing: ‘Sharper’ Actress Briana Middleton on the Key Lessons Learned From Co-star Julianne Moore

Before diving into a new role, Briana Middleton prepares her suit of armor. Metaphorically speaking, of course. “I love prep and research,” the actress says of her process. “I don’t like this analogy, but it feels like ammo or armor going into a project. If I have all of this stuff surrounding me, and then […]

Julianne Moore on Why She Hasn’t Appeared With a Gun Onscreen in a Decade: “I Don’t Find It Appealing”

Julianne Moore is talking about her gun safety stances and Hollywood’s depiction of firearms ahead of the release of her upcoming Apple Original Films movie Sharper. In the film, Moore appears onscreen using a gun — something audiences will see her do for the first time in more than a decade. In an interview with […]