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Show Me a Hero

Rapid Round: Paul Haggis Picks His James Bond, Talks Scientology Six Years After Leaving

The Oscar-winner also reveals the challenge of shooting HBO's 'Show Me a Hero' for 72 days straight.

The Electric Eleven: THR TV Critics’ Favorite Performances of 2015

From 'The Knick's' Andre Holland to 'Show Me a Hero's' Oscar Isaac, THR's TV critics weigh in on which actors stood out this year.

‘Show Me a Hero’ Recap: The Genius in David Simon’s Pessimism

MIT's Craig Wilder calls the show a story of "linked tragedies." NYU's Tom Sugrue commends the show for not offering a falsely sunny ending.

David Simon’s ‘Show Me a Hero’ Recap: Less Springsteen, More Public Enemy Needed?

Two scholars — experts on urban America — wonder if the the show is shortchanging the role African-Americans played in the battle for housing in Yonkers.

David Simon’s ‘Show Me a Hero’ Recap: Two Experts on Urban America Weigh In

A pair of distinguished American historians of racial discrimination are writing about the show each week for THR.

‘Show Me a Hero’: TV Review

Oscar Isaac stars as a New York politician who gets saddled with a divisive housing project in David Simon's new miniseries for HBO.

Watch the Trailer for David Simon’s HBO Mini ‘Show Me a Hero’

Oscar Isaac stars as a young mayor who gets thrown into the center of a racial controversy in the six-part drama.