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Siggraph 2012

Siggraph 2012: PC Makers Target Media And Entertainment Market

Dell, HP and Lenovo converged on CG conference.

Warners Taking ‘Prudent’ Approach to ‘The Hobbit’s’ 48fps Release

The higher-frame rate version of the movie will play in “all major markets in North America,” domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman says, but only in select theaters.

Siggraph 2012: Douglas Trumbull Talks Variable Frame Rates

30 years after pioneering Showscan, the Academy Award winner continues to experiment with frame rates to create "an immersive cinematic experience."

Producer Jon Landau: Filmmakers, Not Studios, Should Decide the Fate of Higher Frame Rates

At Siggraph, Douglas Trumbull predicts Peter Jackson's "bold step" in making "The Hobbit" at 48fps will "pay off."

Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures Imageworks Release New Version of Jointly-Developed Alembic

The open source exchange format has already been used on features including "The Avengers," "Men in Black 3," and upcoming "Hotel Transylvania."

‘Avatar’ Sequels to Incorporate New Virtual Production Techniques

James Cameron's Lightstorm teamed with Weta and Autodesk to develop new virtual production technology.

Siggraph 2012: Keynoter Jane McGonigal Says Playing Games Can Improve Health, Extend Lives

The futurist told 3,000 confab attendees that scientific studies suggest games have helped those with autism, ADHD, PTSD and even cancer.

Jane McGonigal: How Video Games Can Change Your Life

The Siggraph keynote speaker developed an app, SuperBetter, that helped her recover from a concussion.