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‘Migrants’ Named Best of Show in Siggraph’s Electronic Theater

Animated short Migrants, the story of a polar bear and her cub driven into exile due to global warming, won the best of show award from computer graphics confab Siggraph’s Electronic Theater. As…

Siggraph 2021 Confab Will Be Virtual Due to COVID-19 Uncertainty

Siggraph announced that its 2021 confab will be virtual due to COVID uncertainty. The computer graphics confab, which in 2019 reported nearly 19,000 attendees, was slated to be held Aug. 1-5 at the…

Pixar Short ‘Loop’ Named Siggraph Best of Show

Pixar short 'Loop' was named best of show for CG confab Siggraph's annual Electronic Theater.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ Contains 200 Aging and De-Aging VFX Shots

The 'Avengers: Endgame' VFX team detailed their work — from the complex CG 'Smart Hulk' and Thanos to the delicate 'de-aging' and 'aging' process — on Monday at the CG confab SIGGRAPH.

Marvel’s Victoria Alonso Looks Beyond Phase 4: “We Have 6,000 Characters in Our Library”

Marvel's Victoria Alonso looks beyond phase four: 'We have 6,000 characters in our library,' she said during a keynote, Monday at CG confab Siggraph.

Siggraph Plans ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2,’ ‘Missing Link’ Sneak Peeks

The program for upcoming CG confab Siggraph includes sneak peeks at 'Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2' and 'Missing Link.'

SIGGRAPH: Animated Short ‘Hybrids’ Wins Best in Show

SIGGRAPH will present awards to animated shorts 'Hybrids,' 'Bilby' and 'Overrun' next month at its annual CG confab.

SIGGRAPH: ‘Book of Life’ Director Jorge Gutierrez Debuts His “Super Personal” Virtual-Reality Short

Both Gutierrez's 'Son of Jaguar' and the upcoming 'Sonaria' were produced by Google Spotlight Stories.

SIGGRAPH: ‘Guardians 2,’ ‘Spider-Man’ Secrets Revealed by Marvel VFX Teams

Marvel exec vp production Victoria Alonso offered an inside look at how more than 2,000 visual effects shots were created for each film.

SIGGRAPH: Defunct Oculus Story Studio Alums “Still Believe” in VR

"This is a long journey worth taking," said the producer of VR short 'Dear Angelica.'

SIGGRAPH: Best of Show Winner ‘Song of a Toad’ Qualifies for Oscar Consideration

Director Kariem Saleh started the project while a student at Germany's Filmakademie Baden-Wuttemberg.

SIGGRAPH: Floyd Norman Warns VR Developers: If Story Doesn’t Work, “Technology Isn’t Going to Save You”

The animation pioneer also recalled working with Walt Disney and Steve Jobs during his keynote.