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‘Skins’: 6 Reasons Why MTV May Have Canceled the Controversial Series

Look back on how the short-lived teen drama caused turmoil for the network.

‘Skins’: Cancellation ‘Not Much of a Surprise’ to Parents Television Council

"MTV has made a responsible decision" to ax the controversial drama.

Parents Television Council: MTV’s ‘Skins’ is Hurting Viacom’s Brand, Shares

The PTC emailed members Wednesday with the message that shareholders need to hold MTV's parent company accountable for the controversial teen drama.

Is MTV’s ‘Skins’ Child Pornography? A Legal Expert Weighs In

The legal debate continues over whether the show is child porn.

Elle Defends Racy ‘Skins’ Photoshoot

"We had the blessing of their parents," says the magazine's editor in chief. "They were at the shoot."

PTC Calls Out Elle for Featuring Teen Skins Stars in Lingerie (Exclusive)

The organization also renews its fight against Clearasil for advertising during the controversial MTV series.

Channel 4 Criticized for Airing ‘The Joy of Teen Sex’

Channel 4, the network that launched "Skins" in the U.K., has been severely criticized by a group of sex-education specialists for sexualizing children and relationships in its current series "The Joy of Teen Sex.

Teens Mock PTC for ‘Skins’ Outrage (Video)

"I heard there were 42 instances of drugs, sex and alcohol in the fist episode alone… sounds like you guys invented a drinking game!"

Clearasil Has No Plans to Pull Advertising on ‘Skins’ (Exclusive)

The zit cream buys advertising time in blocks and MTV can slot ads wherever they have free time.

PTC Urges Attorney General’s Office to Investigate MTV’s ‘Skins’

"It is unfortunate that we have reached the point of having to call for a criminal investigation into the production and distribution of an MTV show depicting minors in sexual situations,” says the group's president.

Despite Ad Boycott and Ratings Slide, MTV Exec Still Stands by ‘Skins’

Though Monday's show was down slightly from last week, net programming chief David Janollari tells THR: "We’re in it for the long run."

Proactiv Latest Advertiser to Pull Out of MTV’s Skins (EXCLUSIVE)

"We have officially requested that MTV revise our traffic schedule so that Proactiv spots cease airing during Skins," a company vp tells THR.