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Fox Responds to Backlash Over Rupert Murdoch Sexual Harassment Comments

"Rupert has made it abundantly clear that he understands that there were real problems at Fox News," a statement from a 21st Century Fox spokesperson read in part.

U.S. Election Coverage Draws Big U.K. Ratings

The BBC attracted nearly twice the audience it had reached for its coverage of Barack Obama’s re-election in 2012.

Brexit Coverage Boosts U.K. News Ratings

The EU exit referendum and its fallout have "increased the public interest in news," says one observer.

Second Royal Baby: Media Coverage Heats Up After Kate Middleton Goes Into Labor

U.K. and international TV crews descended on the London hospital where Middleton and Prince William? also celebrated the birth of Prince George in 2013.

Second Royal Baby: Sky News Correspondent on “Different Build-Up,” What to Expect

Rhiannon Mills talks about preparing for a global media story, how coverage will differ from the arrival of Prince George in 2013, and how the baby news competes with coverage of the British election next month.

Sky News Apologizes for Showing Glimpse of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cover

A camera for the U.K. news channel swerved away when an interviewee who works for the weekly held up the cover showing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ferguson Dominates International Media Coverage, Foreign Pundits Weigh In

The decision not to indict Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown has reverberated around the world

Scottish Independence Referendum: TV Journalists Become the News

A Sky News reporter swears on air, while an ITV editor speaks of "abuse and even intimidation"

Malaysia Airlines Crash: Sky News Apologizes After Reporter Goes Through Luggage of Victim

The reporter for the U.K. news channel, operated by BSkyB, in which 21st Century Fox owns a 39 percent stake, picked out items from an open bag near the crash site.

Cameraman for Britain’s Sky News Takes Fire in Kiev as Violence Escalates

The news channel has stopped filming from windows or doing stand-ups in the city center after a member of its team was shot at while recording from an upper floor of a hotel.

Sky News Cameraman Killed Covering Violent Clashes in Egypt

UPDATED: " shocked and saddened," says John Ryley, the head of the U.K. network.

Sky News Reporter Arrested While Filming Live in China

Mark Stone and cameraman Andy Portch were held for not displaying passes as they filmed in Tiananmen Square.