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Slender Man

Why ‘Slender Man’ Feels Years Too Late

[This story contains spoilers for Slender Man] Despite the everlasting nature of the horror genre, and consistent re-emergence of popular characters and concepts over the years, sometimes film…

Weekend Box Office: ‘The Meg’ Shows Sharp Teeth, Swims Toward $40M Debut

'The Meg,' starring action star Jason Statham, could score the biggest debut in history for a Hollywood shark pic, not adjusted for inflation.

Father of “Slender Man” Attacker Claims New Film Is “Popularizing a Tragedy”

"All we're doing is extending the pain all three of these families have gone through," said Bill Weier, father of Anissa Weier.

‘Slender Man’ Arrives in Creepy First Trailer

Sylvain White directs the film inspired by the horror meme.

Slender Man Horror Movie Finds Director

Sylvain White ('Stomp the Yard') will helm the Screen Gems horror movie that draws from the internet meme.

Horror Meme ‘Slender Man’ Getting Film Adaptation

Screen Gems, Mythology Entertainment, Madhouse Entertainment and It Is No Dream Entertainment are bringing the story to the big screen.