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Netflix’s New Releases Coming in November 2020

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will be added to Netflix in November 2020.

Oliver Stone Gets Putin Praise, Will Receive Sarajevo Film Festival Honor

The Russian president calls the Oscar-winning director "a very balanced and comfortable interlocutor."

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Actor Roundtable With Casey Affleck, Jeff Bridges and More

THR's Actor Roundtable brings together Casey Affleck, Jeff Bridges, Andrew Garfield, Mahershala Ali, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dev Patel. THR Roundtables air every Sunday on SundanceTV.

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Director Roundtable With Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington and More

THR's Director Roundtable brings together Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, Damien Chazelle, Barry Jenkins, Oliver Stone; THR Roundtables air every Sunday on SundanceTV.

Director Roundtable: Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington and 4 More on Paralyzing Fears, Cast and Crew Complaints

The contenders — also including Oliver Stone, Barry Jenkins, Damien Chazelle and Mira Nair — discuss first gigs, the backlash over 'The Birth of a Nation' director Nate Parker's rape trial, and their "painful" directing process: "It's like trying to cram 10 ?pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “The Point of Making a Movie Like ‘Snowden’ Is to Start a Conversation” | Actor Oscar Roundtable

"I can read about what exactly he did and why, but what you can't necessarily get from watching him give an interview or a speech or reading an article about him is those little human things."

How a Canadian Oliver Stone Fan Rescued the Director’s Dot-Com Web Domain

The namesake site has been returned to the 'Snowden' director after being allowed to expire, shedding light on the perils of celebrity cyber-squatting.

Actor Roundtable: Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck and 4 More on “Brutal” Superhero Roles, Dream Second Careers

Six contenders — also including Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dev Patel — on what it takes to play a real-life person, making a drug dealer likable, turning down parts and the agony of acting: "The very thing you love is the thing you hate."

Oliver Stone Says He Has No Plans for a Trump Biopic: “People Are Fascinated by Him, but I’m Not”

The acclaimed filmmaker, who once directed Trump in 'Wall Street,' says the president-elect "has enormous balls, so you have to give him credit for that."

Shailene Woodley Arrested During Protest of Dakota Access Pipeline

The 'Divergent' and 'Snowden' star has been an outspoken opponent of the project.

Michael Wolff: What’s Missing in Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ (and Why)

Edward Jay Epstein's book 'How America Lost its Secrets: Edward Snowden, the Man and the Theft' makes the bold contention that Snowden gave Russia secrets in exchange for safe harbor.