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Songwriter Roundtable

Watch Hollywood Reporter’s Full, Uncensored Songwriter Roundtable With Oscar Nominees Mark Ronson, Diane Warren and More

Jack Antonoff, David Crosby, Kesha, Tim McGraw, Boots Riley, Mark Ronson and Diane Warren joined the Hollywood Reporter Roundtable to discuss the songs they wrote for the year's biggest films.

Boots Riley on Creating Music to Appeal to ‘Sorry to Bother You’ Audience: “We Don’t Sell Platinum Records”

Boots Riley may have created the soundtrack for his film 'Sorry to Bother You,' but the director admits during The Hollywood Reporter's Songwriting Roundtable that he may have made "different songs"…

Mark Ronson on Tapping Into Lady Gaga’s “Giant Well of Emotions” for ‘A Star Is Born’

Producer Mark Ronson has a rare approach to songwriting, explaining that he strictly relies on a "collaborative" process with other artists, in particular with Lady Gaga for 'A Star Is Born.'

Tim McGraw on What Sparked His “Change of Heart” to Create ‘Free Solo’ Theme Song

During The Hollywood Reporter's Songwriting Roundtable, Tim McGraw talks penning the song for documentary "Free Solo."

Jack Antonoff on Channeling ’80s Rom-Com Songbook for ‘Love, Simon’

When Jack Antonoff was approached to executive produce the soundtrack for the film 'Love, Simon,' he wanted to create a record that resonated with listeners the way music from classic teenage…

Kesha on Taking on the “Big Task” of Songwriting for ‘On the Basis of Sex’

Kesha, who wrote the soundtrack for the film, admitted during the Hollywood Reporter's Songwriters Roundtable that the experience was "kind of daunting," given the important storyline of 'On the…

“Our Main Job Is to Make You Boogie”: The Songwriter Roundtable

Seven artists who gathered Nov. 11 for the songwriter roundtable — Jack Antonoff, David Crosby, Kesha, Tim McGraw, Boots Riley, Mark Ronson and Diane Warren — explore the aesthetic rebellion of their…

Tori Amos: “I Had Lost the Muses — I Stopped Listening” | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"I started listening to the boys' club that was running the industry at the time," said Tori Amos of when her debut album, 'Little Earthquakes,' originally was rejected by her label.

Sting: “We Are, by Accident, Creating the Soundtrack for People’s Emotional Life” | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"That's a huge privilege. We did it by accident. None of us set out to do that, we were there for the glory and the spotlight."

John Legend: “The Power of Art and Music Is We’re Able to Transcend [Racial] Boundaries” | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"We can be aware of what's happening racially, but for us, music, love, the things we talk about are universal."

Pharrell: “Like a Hashtag, Just Like a Hit — We Have Nothing to Do With That, We Just Ideate” | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"People who say, 'This is going to be a hit,' are just as unsuccessful as those who create hashtags. 'Let's do a hashtag call for action!' It never works."