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Sony Hack

WikiLeaks Says It Has Added Thousands of Hacked Sony Emails to Database

The whistleblower site made the announcement on Twitter.

Sony Film Unit Full-Year Profit Up Due to Weak Yen

The hack suffered by Sony Pictures Entertainment at the end of last year cost the company a total of $41 million, up from a previous estimate of $35 million.

Power Lawyers 2015: How Sony’s Andrew Gumpert Kept His Cool During the Biggest Hack in History

Gumpert, who is THR's Raising the Bar honoree in conjunction with the publication of the annual Power Lawyers issue, acknowledges it's been a tough six months at the studio but doesn't let it bother him: "If you play a sprint game, you're dead."

Larry Wilmore Takes on Ben Affleck’s Slave-Owning Ancestor Controversy With Embarrassed Ghost

The 'Nightly Show' host also joked that, after this latest scoop from the Sony hack, Kim Jong Un "could end up winning the Pulitzer Prize."

‘The Interview’ Sequel: Inside the Frightening Battle Raging on the North Korean Border

Four months after the Sony film sparked an international furor, dissidents and defectors in South Korea, joined by a THR reporter, send the movie mocking Kim Jong Un via balloons across the border as local government tries to avoid further escalation.

‘Ghostbusters’ Budget Cut, Fox Execs Courted: Tom Rothman Puts His Stamp on Sony

As Amy Pascal's studio successor lures an exec to head up international operations, he's cool on Scott Rudin, who could end up at Fox.

Sony Hack: WikiLeaks Publishes More Than 30,000 Documents

Julian Assange says the documents are "newsworthy." His website has now put up the documents in a searchable format so that it "remains accessible to the public for years to come."

After Sony Hack, Channing Tatum Still Has Same Email Address

Fellow victim Chris Pratt also has kept his same address even as Natalie Portman changed hers.

‘The Interview’ DVD Drop Launched Over North Korea

An activist in South Korea claims to have launched thousands of copies of the film over the border via helium balloon.

Sony Pictures Posts Hack-Delayed Quarterly Profit of $51 Million

The figure is up from a February estimate and includes $15 million for the cost of the hacking investigation and repair.

What the Sony Hack Means for Your Paycheck

All that stolen data exposed more than embarrassing emails. It also sent dozens of Hollywood payroll companies into red alert to secure their data in an identity theft economy where Social Security numbers go for $10 a pop.

Foreign Dictator Kidnapping Thriller in the Works at AMC

Screenwriter Darby Kealey will pen the script for MGM TV.