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Google Seizes on Sony Hacked Docs to Attack MPAA Conspiracy

The MPAA responds calling Google's position as a defender of free speech "shameful"

SOPA Foe, Reddit Founder Commits Suicide at 26

UPDATED: Aaron Swartz's body was found Friday by his girlfriend; the tech pioneer and activist had suffered from depression.

Ari Emanuel in Abu Dhabi: Silicon Valley, Hollywood Are ‘Working Together Pretty Well’

UPDATED: The WME co-CEO tells the annual media summit in the emirate that cooperation is "actually getting a little bit better" and that crowdfunding will increasingly become an option for content creators.

MPAA Chief Chris Dodd Offers Olive Branch to Tech Industry over SOPA

“Despite what the media and the advocates on the extremes would have you believe, the content and technology communities are not adversaries,” the former U.S. senator writes in an online opinion piece.

WME’s Ari Emanuel ‘Misinformed’ on Copyright Filtering, Says Google Exec

Susan Wojcicki, who heads advertising for the tech giant, responds to the CEO's argument that Silicon Valley should help Hollywood figure out how to avoid piracy.

MPAA Chief Christopher Dodd Says SOPA Debate Isn’t Over, Defends Hosting Harvey Weinstein Even as He Attacked Over ‘Bully’

Hollywood's top lobbyist reflects on his first year; says Weinstein "was very helpful to me as a candidate for Congress and as a senator over the years."

5 Questions With George Lucas: Controversial ‘Star Wars’ Changes, SOPA and ‘Indiana Jones 5’

"Somehow, when I make the slightest change, everybody thinks it’s the end of the world," the filmmaker tells THR about the uproar over tweaks to "Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace."

The SOPA War: Why the GOP Turned on Piracy (Opinion)

For Republicans, opposition to intellectual property laws is starting to look like a political winner, and that should terrify Hollywood as it misreads where the pop-culture power base now lies.

Philippe Dauman: A ‘Mob Mentality’ Killed PIPA and SOPA

At a technology conference, the Viacom CEO defends the anti-piracy legislation as "reasonable."

Megaupload User Data May Be Gone By Thursday, Feds Say

In the wake of arrests over illegal downloads, prosecutors say the file-sharing site could be wiped clean this week.

Universal Music May Have Inadvertently Exposed a Flaw in the YouTube Takedown Process

One rap artist speaks out against UMG, YouTube, and SOPA.

Taylor Hackford on the DGA’s Fight Against Piracy and the Awards Show’s New Host (Q&A)

"The creative people who create content are being destroyed," the Guild president told THR.