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Sophie Thatcher

Sophie Thatcher on ‘The Boogeyman’ and the ‘Yellowjackets’ Scene That Cost Her the Most Sleep

In early 2022, Sophie Thatcher was everywhere. The Chicago native broke out as teenage Natalie on Yellowjackets, the buzziest new cable show at the time, and it led straight into a recurring role on The Book of Boba Fett. She was also the talk of Twitter since she reminded so many people of Juliette Lewis, […]

‘The Boogeyman’ Director Rob Savage on Stephen King’s Blessing and the Very Good Reason Why Disney Had Him Remove a Toy Lightsaber

Above all else, The Boogeyman director Rob Savage wanted what every filmmaker longs for when adapting the work of Stephen King: his blessing. Fortunately, Savage received that and a whole lot more.  Based on King’s short story that was first published in 1973, The Boogeyman changes things up by focusing on the Harper family, as […]

‘Yellowjackets’ Star Sophie Thatcher on Season 2’s Tragic Finale: “She Already Let Herself Go”

[This story contains major spoilers to the season two finale of Yellowjackets, “Storytelling.”] Sophie Thatcher is relieved that the season two finale of Yellowjackets has landed. It’s been buzzing around in her head for quite some time, and the double-whammy ending for the character of Natalie wasn’t an easy secret to keep. So, she told […]

‘The Boogeyman’ Review: A Minor But Effectively Nerve-Jangling Stephen King Adaptation

Rob Savage directs this adaptation of the horror master's short story, starring Sophie Thatcher, Chris Messina and Vivien Lyra Blair.

‘Yellowjackets’ Star Sophie Thatcher on the Fateful Choice That Explains Everything About Her Character

[This story contains spoilers from the eighth episode of Yellowjackets season two, “It Chooses.”] Sophie Thatcher says she has been waiting for a specific Yellowjackets moment to arrive: the one that would connect the dots between her younger Natalie and the tortured adult character played by Juliette Lewis, who attempted to take her own life in the […]

‘Yellowjackets’ Stars Dish on Filming Fleshy Feast in Oral History

[This story contains major spoilers from the second episode in Yellowjackets‘ season two, “Edible Complex.”] The Yellowjackets stars who play the teen cast on the hit Showtime series have had to do some dark things out in the wilderness. But many of them weren’t quite prepared for the reactions they would have when filming the […]

“We Were Always Coming Up With Our Own Theories”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With the ’90s Cast of ‘Yellowjackets’

The cast of Yellowjackets is getting ready to head back into production for the highly anticipated second season, but the actors want fans to know that they have as many questions as the fans. “Even shooting the first season, we were always on a need-to-know basis,” says Liv Hewson, who plays the young version of […]

Sophie Thatcher on ‘Yellowjackets’ and Playing a “Sci-Fi Joan Jett” on ‘Boba Fett’

[The following interview contains spoilers for Yellowjackets season one and The Book of Boba Fett.] Sophie Thatcher thought her Jan. 12 debut on The Book of Boba Fett would be her introduction to the pop culture zeitgeist, but her Showtime series, Yellowjackets, which premiered two months earlier, has instead become the Internet’s new favorite show […]