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South Park

‘South Park’: Five Episodes Kept Off HBO Max

The entire 'South Park' library is now streaming on HBO Max, but five episodes are not available due to the depiction of a religious figure.

‘South Park’ Viewers Watched 30 Billion Minutes of Show in 2019 (Exclusive)

The 23rd season of 'South Park' finished its season as the top-rated cable comedy in adults 18-49 for the seventh consecutive year.

‘South Park’ Joke Results in Hundreds of Misdialed Prank Calls

Fans of 'South Park' got a little bonus of sorts this week during an all-new episode when a number was flashed onscreen for a joke — but it didn't work out so well for at least one person.

‘South Park’ Takes Shots at Disney+ and Streaming Services

Matt Stone and Trey Parker took South Park in an ultra meta direction Wednesday in an episode that poked fun at both streaming services and the cable company.

‘South Park’ Mocks Trans Athletes

'South Park' used the late Randy Savage for some woke culture satire, somewhat mocking trans athletes in Wednesday's episode.

‘South Park’ Skewers “Treasonous Pig” Rudy Giuliani

'South Park' didn't just dip into U.S. politics in Wednesday's episode, the Comedy Central cartoon went full steam ahead with mocking Trump and Rudy Giuliani.

‘South Park’ Episode Mocks Harvey Weinstein Reemergence

South Park went after Harvey Weinstein hardcore after the disgraced movie mogul made headlines when he appeared in a New York comedy club and was mocked by a comedian.

Bell Media, Warner Bros. Sign Deal to Bring HBO Max Programming to Canada

Bell Media has signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution to bring original programming from WarnerMedia's HBO Max to Canada, beginning in 2020.

‘South Park’s’ $500M Library Lands at HBO Max

HBO Max has landed the massive 23-season library to the Comedy Central hit 'South Park' in a deal that was expected to be worth as much as $500 million.

Dennis Prager, Adam Carolla Free Speech Doc Aims to Get Wider Release

"No Safe Spaces," from Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager features multiple scenes that decry censorship in the world's most populous country.

‘South Park’ Streaming Rights May Fetch Up to $500M in Bidding War

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Viacom Inc., are nearing a deal reportedly worth $500 million for the streaming rights to 'South Park.'

‘South Park’ Episode Mocks LeBron James Over China Comments

'South Park' mocked NBA superstar LeBron James and his recent comments about the conflict between China and the NBA.