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As Movie Theaters Reopen, a Sense of Relief

In March 2020, I, like so many audiences, said goodbye to movie theaters, and mourned the loss of a collective source of escapism and human connection. This past weekend, after fourteen months away, I made my triumphant return not once, but twice. And make no mistake, it truly did feel like a triumph. As someone […]

Chris Rock Jokes He Cut Vaccination Line: “I Was Like Billy Zane on the Titanic”

Chris Rock on Tuesday visited The Tonight Show to discuss his new movie, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, but, of course, he also dropped some jokes about the COVID-19 vaccine. Rock mentioned to Jimmy Fallon that he was tested for the virus before he was allowed on the late-night talk show, saying he had […]

‘Spiral’: How Chris Rock Pulled Director Darren Lynn Bousman Back Into ‘Saw’

Just when filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman thought he was out of the Saw franchise, Chris Rock pulled him back in for Spiral, a spinoff that’s set in the Saw universe. Since Spiral is not a direct sequel to any of the previous eight Saw films, Bousman and Rock recognized the opportunity to do something a […]