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Stanley Kubrick

Colin Cantwell, Concept Artist Who Designed Iconic ‘Star Wars’ Spacecraft, Dies at 90

Colin Cantwell, the concept artist who designed iconic Star Wars spacecraft, including the X-wing Starfighter, TIE fighter and Death Star, died Saturday at his Colorado home, Sierra Dall, his longtime partner, told The Hollywood Reporter. He was 90. Cantwell’s film credits included special photographic effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), technical dialogue for Close Encounters of […]

Robert Vincent O’Neil, Writer-Director of the Cult Film ‘Angel,’ Dies at 91

Robert Vincent O’Neil, who co-wrote and directed Angel, the cult 1983 film about a “high school honor student by day … Hollywood hooker by night” that spawned a low-budget franchise, has died. He was 91. O’Neil died Saturday in his sleep of natural causes in Fairfield, California, his daughter Lari Bain told The Hollywood Reporter. […]

Douglas Trumbull, Visual Effects Maestro on ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’ Dies at 79

Douglas Trumbull, the visual effects visionary who, without CGI, fashioned the kaleidoscopic finale for 2001: A Space Odyssey, concocted the creepy cloud formations in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, filled the Blade Runner universe with smoke and fireballs, and helped create the birth of the universe that opens The Tree of Life, has died. […]

Hardy Kruger, German Actor in ‘A Bridge Too Far’ and ‘Barry Lyndon,’ Dies at 93

Hardy Krüger, the German actor who starred alongside John Wayne in Howard Hawks’ Hatari!, Laurence Olivier in Richard Attenborough’s A Bridge Too Far and Ryan O’Neal in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, has died at his home in Palm Springs. He was 93. Krüger died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on Wednesday, his German agency in Hamburg said in a […]

‘Speer Goes to Hollywood’: Film Review

Vanessa Lapa’s documentary delves into public and private archives to explore the strange but true moment when Paramount Pictures was in business with one of Hitler’s chief confederates.

Malcolm McDowell Learned 40 Years Later Why Gene Kelly Was Upset With ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Using “Singin’ in the Rain”

Gene Kelly was so mad about “Singin’ in the Rain” being featured in A Clockwork Orange, he rebuffed Malcolm McDowell at a big Hollywood party shortly after the Stanley Kubrick picture was released. It would be 40 years before McDowell learned exactly why Kelly was so irritated. The legendary actor, dancer and musical filmmaker was […]

Lost Stanley Kubrick Film ‘Lunatic at Large’ in the Works

Producers Bruce Hendricks and Galen Walker have optioned the rights to the thriller, with an eye to production on a movie starting in late 2021.

John Aldred, Soundman on ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Dr. Strangelove,’ Dies at 99

The two-time Oscar nominee also worked on 'The Four Feathers,' Hitchcock's 'Under Capricorn' and Chaplin's 'A King in New York.'

Mark Hamill Mourns Death of ‘Star Wars’ Icon David Prowse

The actor and bodybuilder played Darth Vader behind the mask, but James Earl Jones voiced the character.

Nicole Kidman Says Kubrick Gave Her Final Say Over ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Nude Scenes

Nicole Kidman was given final say as to her nude scenes that would go into the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut, the actress revealed in a recent interview. 

Matthew Modine Reflects on ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and the One Similarity Between Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan

Matthew Modine looks back at why he and lifelong friend Vincent D’Onofrio were at odds during the demanding shoot of 'Full Metal Jacket' and explains the benefit of Christopher Nolan not having a video village on set.

‘Kubrick by Kubrick’: Film Review | Tribeca 2020

THR review: Twenty-one years after his death, fans of the '2001' director and all-around cinema genius can hear his thoughtful takes on his craft and the paradoxes of human nature in 'Kubrick by Kubrick,' a documentary built upon four wide-ranging audio interviews with French critic Michel Ciment.