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Star Trek

Gregory Jein, ‘Star Trek’ Model Maker and Two-Time Oscar Nominee, Dies at 76

Gregory Jein, the acclaimed model maker and artist who worked on eight Star Trek properties and earned Oscar nominations for Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and 1941, has died. He was 76. Jein died May 22 in his Los Angeles home of cardiac arrest after a long history of health issues that […]

Where to Watch ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Online

The Starfleet is back to boldly go where no one has gone before. This time, the USS Enterprise is under the command of Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which premieres Thursday on Paramount+. The 10-episode series is a spinoff of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season and explores the starship’s […]

Paramount+’s ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’: TV Review

Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet's new 'Star Trek' series focuses on the USS Enterprise under Captain Pike, Captain Kirk's predecessor.

Zachary Quinto on Starring in ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ and When the Next ‘Star Trek’ Film Will Happen

Most moviegoers know him as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek franchise, but Zachary Quinto is first and foremost a theater rat. A nominee and winner of numerous awards for his work in plays like Angels in America, The Glass Menagerie and more recently, The Boys in the Band, he’s now undertaking perhaps his toughest […]

William Shatner Encourages Exploration of “Spooky” Metaverse as Collection of ‘Star Trek’ NFTs Sell Out in Minutes

It only took five minutes for the premiere collection of Star Trek non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the price of $250 apiece to sell out Saturday morning. Capt. James T. Kirk icon William Shatner, who championed those first official franchise NFTs from RECUR and Paramount in the form of algorithmically generative 1:1 starships on the Star […]

“Is This a Joke?” How a Classic ‘Star Trek’ Episode Broke the Rules of the Franchise

“I thought Brannon was fucking with me.” It’s easy to see why Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Jonathan Frakes had that reaction when he first read writer Brannon Braga’s script for “Cause and Effect” 30 years ago. Neither the series nor television in general had ever attempted something like it before. Frakes had the […]

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Casts Captain Kirk: Paul Wesley to Play Iconic Character

There is a new James T. Kirk. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has cast actor Paul Wesley in the iconic sci-fi role. The Vampire Diaries actor will join the upcoming Paramount+ series in the show’s second season, which is in production in Toronto. In an unusual move, the second-season casting is being announced before the […]

Chris Pine on Spy Thriller ‘All the Old Knives’: “The Heart of It Is This Love Story”

According to star and executive producer Chris Pine, All the Old Knives is more than just another spy-thriller.  “Certainly it’s about a spy, but it’s really more about a man who’s madly in love with a woman who gets wrapped up in a shitty situation,” Pine said about the film. “Really, for me, the heart […]

‘Picard’ Borg Queen Actress Weighs In on Debated ‘Star Trek’ Character Question

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for episode two of Star Trek: Picard.]  It has been a question pondered by Star Trek fans for years: Is there more than one Borg Queen, or have multiple actresses played the same alien in assorted franchise projects? Picard newcomer Annie Wersching has thoughts on the matter. “In my opinion, she […]

‘Strange New Worlds’ Teaser Trailer: First Look at New ‘Star Trek’ Series

The first teaser trailer for the back-to-basics Star Trek series Strange New Worlds has landed. Below is a first look at the new drama from Paramount+, which seeks to recapture the pioneering spirit of The Original Series. Strange New Worlds follows Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) as he leads the U.S.S. Enterprise in the years […]

Laurel Goodwin, Actress in ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ and the Rejected ‘Star Trek’ Pilot, Dies at 79

Laurel Goodwin, who made her movie debut opposite Elvis Presley in Girls! Girls! Girls! and starred alongside Jeffrey Hunter in “The Cage,’ the rejected first pilot made for Star Trek, has died. She was 79. Goodwin died Feb. 25 in Cathedral City, California, her sister, Maureen Scott, announced. Goodwin also portrayed the elder daughter of […]

‘Picard’ Star John de Lancie Had Single Question Before Returning to ‘Star Trek’ as Q

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry told John de Lancie during production of The Next Generation pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” that the actor had no idea what he was getting himself into with joining the franchise. Thirty-five years later, de Lancie can’t help but chuckle at the accuracy of the statement. Star Trek: Picard once again […]