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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

‘Jurassic Park’ VFX Artist Phil Tippett Wins Locarno Fest’s Vision Award

Visual effect master Phil Tippett (Jurassic Park) will be honored at this year’s Locarno Film Festival with the…

Daisy Ridley Reveals Original Rey Kenobi Plot in ‘Star Wars’

Daisy Ridley says her 'Star Wars' character of Rey was going to originally be a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Rian Johnson Defends His Version of Luke Skywalker Amid Re-Stoked Criticisms

'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker' is officially in theaters and the debates among fans have begun over the film and predecessor 'The Last Jedi', which is arguably the most controversial of the nine…

Rian Johnson Calls Pandering to ‘Star Wars’ Fans a “Mistake”

Rian Johnson calls pandering to 'Star Wars' fans a "mistake" days before 'The Rise of Skywalker' opens in theaters.

John Boyega Apologizes for Kelly Marie Tran Comments: “I Was Really Speaking From My Own Perspective”

'Star Wars' star John Boyega took to Twitter late on Wednesday to apologize for comments during a recent interview that were taken as implied criticism of co-star Kelly Marie Tran over how she dealt…

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in December

Take a look at the movies and TV shows that will disappear from Netflix next month.

Japanese Box Office Tops $2B, Hits Third-Highest Total in 2018

The Japanese box office in 2018 was down just under 3 percent to $2.04 billion (?223 billion) but still registered the third-highest annual total of all time, with admissions falling by a similar…

‘Star Wars’ VR Experience Lets Fans Raise a Family of Porgs

'Star Wars: Project Porg' allows users to discover just how good they are at raising the delightfully cute bird-like creatures from Ahch-To.

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Negative Buzz Amplified by Russian Trolls, Study Finds

Did Rian Johnson's 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' movie ruin the franchise, as some have claimed? Of course not.

Will ‘Star Wars’ “Slowdown” Reinvigorate the Franchise?

Disney CEO Bob Iger warns of a "slowdown" for the 'Star Wars' franchise, but is he misunderstanding the problems with the current status quo?

Toronto: Daniel Craig Joins Rian Johnson Murder Mystery ‘Knives Out’

Daniel Craig joins Rian Johnson's murder mystery 'Knives Out.' The high-profile indie from 'The Last Jedi' team will be shopped to buyers at TIFF.

What Happens When Fandom Doesn’t Grow Up?

From 'Star Wars' to Marvel, it has become harder and harder for adults to leave the things they loved as children behind.