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Stephan James

Mark Ruffalo, Stephan James and More Drama Actors on “Falling Through the Unknown” With Their Dark Characters

Embodying a tormented person can be an exciting challenge, but for these 10 actors including Mark Ruffalo, Stephan James and more their characters were not easy to shake off once the cameras stopped…

’21 Bridges’ Star Stephan James on Being Chased by Chadwick Boseman and ‘Homecoming’ Season 2

Stephan James actor recounts some of 21 Bridge's most grueling scenes and recalls the day Julia Roberts recently stopped by the set of Homecoming season 2.

’21 Bridges’ Team on How Chadwick Boseman Starrer Shows a “Journey Toward Humanity”

Chadwick Boseman's newest film, '21 Bridges,' is more than just an action-packed crime thriller.

THR’s Full, Uncensored Drama Actor Roundtable With Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter

The Drama Actor Roundtable brings together Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter, Stephan James, Diego Luna and Sam Rockwell. THR Roundtables air every Sunday on SundanceTV.

Stephan James on the Power of Taking “Colorless” Role in ‘Homecoming’: “Anyone Could Have Had This — and It’s Mine”

'Homecoming' star Stephan James joined Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter, Sam Rockwell and Diego Luna for the Drama Actor Roundtable. The full roundtable airs July 14 on SundanceTV.

“No One Wants to Be the Good Guy”: Hugh Grant, Richard Madden, Billy Porter and The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actor Roundtable

Hugh Grant, Billy Porter, Sam Rockwell, Richard Madden, Stephan James and Diego Luna open up about why they'd rather play the villain, the upside of failure and being put in a metaphorical box in The…